Saturday, March 24, 2012

"No Time for Tenderness" by LEGAL FINGERS

With all those specialized labels in order to categorize modern bands precisely, there's a term (yet enough clear and without any possible confusion) that we do more and more rarely use nowadays : ROCK'N ROLL... to the point that we could even sometimes ask ourselves "does the pure "rock'n roll" style still exist ? Is there any new upcoming bands that could perpetuate the legacy of AC/DC, THE RAMONES, THIN LIZZY, MOTÖRHEAD, ZZ TOP and other few references of a genre that will never sound outdated, as long as it'll still be based on  hearted wildness, authenticity  and groove... ?
 Hopefully YES, there's still some bands that assume simply and with a remarkable conviction this musical membership and LEGAL FINGERS is one of them, which we can willingly agree with and fully support... I suppose that won't prevent them from being classified as Stoner or Riff Rock or Retro-something but if that helps them to gain attention, then where's the problem in fact !?
One thing is sure, this american power-trio seems to come directly from the late 70's where almost everything imaginable was tolerated and experienced in music, caracterised by unrestrained inspirations and guys living a total carefree life... Main influences can be certainly found in THE HELLACOPTERS, THE RAMONES and THIN LIZZY,  but a more obscure and psychedelic edge can also be detected through smoked-out riffs or top-notch spacey solos, while it can be followed by some sleazy Glam type of excentric vocals with amazing boogy moods ("fuck city")... 
I love this, very easy-going stuff, though certainly not as basic as it could seem technically  (just like the lyrics I guess...) but very solid and catchy in terms of structure always thick and very well-balanced.
If I had the possibility to airplay some kind of accessible Heavy Rockin' stuff in a big audienced radioshow, I would for sure choose several songs from this "No Time for Tenderness", like the dynamiting opener  "(I just wanna get alright) Tonite !", "Downtown Prowler" or the seducing "Meat Candy"... There's indeed a few real potential HITS in here, but, before anything else, LEGAL FINGERS can appeal to a wide range of TRUE heavy, boogy and Psychedelic raw sounds and that's already a great performance with this highly recommandable debut !!! 

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