Sunday, March 4, 2012

"Tales of Addcition and Despair" by BLOOD RED WATER

"Tales of Addiction and Despair", here's a title track that sweetly smells filthy, smoky and doomy ! The style of this italian quartet from Venice reflects this for a great part but not only...
If there's some bands to refer to when speaking about BLOOD RED WATER I would think priorly to old american precusors like EYE HATE GOD and BUZZOV'EN, means a basically raw SLUDGE with crushing mid-tempos, harsh vocals, groovy guitars and rumbling bass. But the band stands sometimes between various genres including Stoner à la FU MANCHU ("avoid the relapse"), Doom ("ungod"), Punk'n roll with catchy riffs ("modern slave blues"), this always with that filthy and dissonant tone which is pretty interesting; even in the quieter moments they don't especially refine things with melodies, no they just give a little point of air and light, but the tormented heaviness is never far, ready to strike again with force and grooviness...
One of the most remarkable quality of B.R.W. concerns the singing by Michele, he has a very wide register of expression, from angered and filthy to more obscure and emotional, while being always throaty, tasty and understandable... Another thing to be noticed is the production which is really well balanced and thick, considering this is just a debut ep, it helps to give immediately a very mature and complete vision of the band's identity... which is very promising !
Nothing more special to add, this is again a great discovery, you really should not miss this band, so go now on bandcamp and download this great debut for free (a physical DIY release should be available soon).

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