Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Arising from Chaos" by CHAOS DEI

I occasionally still listen Black Metal, but for almost one year that T.O.P. exists, this is the 1st time a review from a band playing this style is included... At least several good reasons for this : the album has been kindly sent to me by TotalRust rds which is really an excellent label, also  the band is very original and french too ! So this is willingly that I present you this "Arising from Chaos", the debut from this duo consisting in Eurnynome (ex Hyadningar) and Turannos (ex Hyadningar and actually in Ataraxie).
I know that french bands are often highly praised or at least respected in the BM circuit and I'm sure that CHAOS DEI will make no exception to this, even if I guess their sound is quite  different from most others ! Not particularly avant-gardiste or experimental as I've yet read, but with a cohesive and accomplished wish to propose something pretty singular.
Sure, this is raw with some high-speed and ripping blasts, blackened and infernal moods but  it includes lots of slower moments, more melodic and delicate,  doomy and eerie at times (this reminds here more obviously the presence from a member of  a funeral doom/Death band...for my greatest pleasure  even if it makes some songs maybe a bit too long !). I suppose that the main influences remain mostly Scandinavian (not to say Norwegian, vocally wise included) and basically the filthy sound of CHAOS DEI will undoubtely suit to most fans of the genre, they simply have to be warned that the band is not another  usual copy and has got an inspiration that goes further the usual boundaries. This is very twisted and never relies on predictable structures, all this is allowed by a very developped and skilled musicianship and served by a thick and clear production.... 
Don't be "scared" by the BM identity, open your eyes and ears ;) more and more bands have yet understood that, for a great part, the future of music will consist in blending various musical genres in old recipes and CHAOS DEI is another different but very interesting example to prove it...

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