Friday, March 9, 2012

s​/​t Demo 2012 by VALVE

Formed by the end of 2010 around Côme (guit), Alexandre (guit), Barth (bass), Colin (drums) and Anthony (voc/keyboards), VALVE present here their debut demo/ep recorded in January this year...
Oh sure, just a bit more than  one year could seem rather short to get a true original sound,  but those guys played live regularly which manifestly helped them to create a very cohesive and running-well overall; they're young but don't lack of ideas and honestly I don't see any too obvious influences. Another thing that prove their motivation and seriousness is their pressbook, especially considering the age of the band, this is simply the most complete and informative I've ever seen.
5 songs which reveal an interesting rising identity that skilfully covers in fact quite many forms of extreme underground stuff, between Sludge crudeness,  post HC coldness and refinement, Doomed heaviness,  Stoner Rock grooviness (the great "siren")  and even some hints of Industrial straightness !!! This is not extremely brutal but sufficiently powerful and heavy, also not too refined in a perpetual search of aestheticism; no, VALVE have just simply created multiple moods for a maximum of catchiness !
This rich mixture doesn't really include any typical METAL sounds, or just sligthly in some harsh riffage ("O' Alquemista"), something which is too often systematic and/or sometimes inappropriated... I don't see any major defaults in this thick and homogeneous blend, maybe the vocals could be a bit more nuanced in the quietest moments but those rasping screams fit well with most parts.
This is certainly not hazardous to promise them a brighter future; so give them a deserved chance and go now on their Bandcamp page ! You can either download this 30 minutes effort for free or buy the CD (digipack) for 8 €...

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