Friday, March 16, 2012


First, I wanna apologize to bands that have sent me their stuff over the past week, but by the same time I bought PALLBEARER's debut and the sophomore album of BLACK PYRAMID which I'm gonna talk about... Two absolute masterpieces that I couldn't stop listening this week ! It's not that other stuff would necessarily sound tasteless after that, but ... give me a bit of time and next week you'll get what you derserve ;)
One of my rare regrets about last Roadburn (but certainly the biggest) was to have missed BLACK PYRAMID's performance, I had just heard about them positively but nothing more... I understood my mistake when I got their self titled debut in hands a few weeks later :(  I'm sure there'll be other occasions to see them, it'd better cause moreover I'm convinced that this band is born for the scene and must just be mindblowing live, just like this "II" !!!
I've read somewhere that they enjoy to qualify their music as "psychedelic war metal", I doubt that  Blasphemy would sound this way if they turned out psyche but it's sure that B.P. is thick, burning and epic...
This new album goes in an even more interesting direction than the debut, I would say this is more Metal, more melodic and deeply structured , but the basis of their style remain as an amazing mix of crushing Doom and fuzzed-out Stonerish Psychedelia !
We're definitely not far a simple  equation here : 9 songs = 9 anthems ! Starting with the incredible tryptik "Endless Agony", "Mercy's Bane" and "Night Queen"... if their actual set gets the same order, that must be something fantastic but also completely exhausting... shit, all those memorable riffs coming together, that's something impressively crushing and so catchy too, for exemple the 80's HM touch in the first song is completely outstanding !
Then the  long and quiet "dreams of the dead" gives a salutary rest to your ears and mind, first 9 minutes are stunning moments of psychedelic folkness while it ends in something heavier and darker, almost menacing...
The 2nd part of the album is at the same high level with galloping tempos, doomier ones, tight soloing, perfectly represented by the magic "the Hidden Kingdom", a masterpiece where the guys seem more intriguing and fascinating than ever in the way they succeed to transport you with their constant refinement of groovy and heavy riffing...
It ends with another epic piece called "Into the Dawn" that closes brillantly this already CULT affair, not just because of the line-up problems that followed this recording and may compromise the ascencion of the band (I just hope the contrary of course), no ,just by the immense weight of its authenticity and catchiness. BUY or DIE ;)
if you can not find this one at your local store or usual distro, buy it through :

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