Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fire in the Cave by FIRE IN THE CAVE

I had mentioned FIRE IN THE CAVE recently when writing about the great compilation "Swamp Sorcery Abyss" which presented various interesting bands from the Floridean underground scene, their song "civilized swamp" really impressed me... So I soon took contact with vocalist Jared, who kindly said me to wait a few days to get the link to their debut ep, now freshly released. 
This debut effort contains just 2 songs, the one already mentioned and "Aeden Carr", that's not much for sure but still 16 intense minutes that give you more than a nice picture of the band's high potential.
F.I.T.C. sounds rather like no other band  from my knowledge,  definitely they are not just another hybrid beast. I guess we could basically affiliate them to SLUDGE, considering brutality and crushingness are both main caracters... Vocals by Jared are awesome, extremely raw, explosive and brutal; they could surprise at first listening, being not far some death-core growlers at times, then completely blackened and bleeding at others... musically there's even more than this duality of styles, a slow burning riff can be followed by a fast black metal part, then comes an ethereal melodic solo or another catchy grooving riffage, quieter moments eying towards post HC and even a short trad doom sounding passage in the 2nd song ! 
My description maybe doesn't seem well-ordered, but believe me all this mixed together is yet outstandingly limpid and accomplished. This is rich, very rich and diverse but always massive and  inducing twisted atmospheres like just a few bands can actually do it...
With this debut F.I.T.C reveal themselves as excellent purveyors of massive and blistering crushingness, with a very personnal sound that makes me think how memorable a gig including them and their fellows of HOLLOW LEG must be ! This deserves a quick follower, so give them a few dollars for your download (this is a name your price affair)...

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