Monday, March 19, 2012

"Esfinteres y Faquires" by BLOOMING LATIGO

Here is the very surprising BLOOMING LATIGO, coming out from Sevilla (Spain)... First,  their line-up is an indication of a sound that is pretty noisy (that's sure) and minimalist (apparently  but not  so much in the form) : Javi (vocals), Jose (bass, electronics), Gonzalo (drums, percussion) and Borja (drums, percussion) ; but that doesn't mean that we've got here vrombing and repetitive noisy and/or droney stuff which could turn quickly boring and attract just a limited  and very specialized audience, no not at all... B.L. is totally unpredictable and original, that's to my ears yet two essential qualities; when you cite various influences like The Melvins, Black Flag, Swans or Today is The Day, that classifies immediately your sound in the thickest and heaviest horizons of Sludge/HC but these guys add an emphasis on experimental noise that is very twisted and this includes the vocals which are filthy and sick as fuck, but also some tasty hammering percussions. 
Sometimes I'm surprised myself in enjoying that kind of hallucinated, pyschotic, ugly noisy stuff, so deeply opposed to Doom in particular or just Metal in general, and  BLOOMING LATIGO reveals me the proof that when originality and heaviness are combined, could it be melodic or noisy, almost everything is potentially a great discovery !
Note that this album is released on CD by Feretro Rds and vynil by Trips und Traüme (Italy).

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