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one Month before a new extensive Tour, interview with THE GRAND ASTORIA

Here's a short interview with Kamille the head-thinking behind THE GRAND ASTORIA, one of the most original and musical STONER band from this planet... From effort to effort, this Russian band has developped a unique style, basically Stoner but more and more diverse with mainly Psychedelic/Space Rock but also Heavy Metal touches, often unpredictable but always extremely twirling, tight, refined and inspired. 
Their 3rd album "Omnipresence" had already shown a great development in that sense but their ep "Caesar Enters the Palace of Doom" is again a big step further and their intense activity (live or in studio) will soon lead to great new efforts as you'll read it below... Also you have to know that THE GRAND ASTORIA will soon start another extensive tour across Europe, check out the dates and support this top-notch band !

Ok Kamille thanx for answering the following questions... First, you who are almost exclusively into DIY stuff, I would like to know how did it happen that you released this nice ep on Setalight rds ?
Hello Stephane!Thank you too for contacting me!We released it via Setalight because these guys support independent music seem very nice and friendly)Of cos we want to go to the bigger level as a band ,so maybe it's our first step for us.Let's see..This 7 inch is still available on

ok, you already had guests on previous albums but on this ep, there's even more with seven guys sharing the other instruments and another guy doing backing vocals... Were they all special guests ? What about Farid and Nick that where playing on the 3rd album "omnipresence" ? What's the exact actual line-up of the band ?
The lineup is me and Igor (second guitarist).The process is like this:I write all the song then show it to Igor,he also starts thinking about some details he can add.Than we seek the drummer and bassist which are free at the moment and can help us with the recording.After all is done,we can add some keyboards or harmonica or additional vocals.We just ask our friends to do this.Unfortunately we don't have a constant lineup since December 2010,no one can afford to go on tours as much as we we are just searching for the new guys before each tour.

Is this the fact of being so often on the road which implies that your line-up will be always evolutive, with you and Igor as permanent members and then other guys coming in and out or is it the only way you like to work for the band ?
Actually we want to find permanent guys!We want to develop as a band.But as I said no one wants to change their stable way of life for something very dangerous and unpredictable.There are no guarantees that we won't end our lives as hobos haha)But it's funny and I enjoy it.They are all pussies and cowards..Anyway,the band is me and Igor!

That's clearer now... on your FB page it's written that you live in Lisboa, isn't it St Petersburgh your basis ?!!
I don't feel that I live in St.Petersburg ;) I spent 180 days of 2011 abroad.So I prefer to be a citizen of the world.Lisbon..well,it's just one of my favourite cities.I hope to live there one day...

And it's gonna be certainly the same in 2012, you've lots of dates programmed within the next months, could you tell more about that please ? do you get some help to settle all these dates around Europe ? Any new countries visited ?
We will visit Finland,Norway,Denmark and Belgium for the first time with the band.We will be on the road since 3.4 til 10.6.This is big two-months tour again.Now we have 28 shows confirmed but I bielive that there will be 40-50 again.Many bands help us with gigs in their cities,we don't have any permanent booker.I do it all by myself.It's a hard job,but no regrets here.It's just the part of our path)Our schedule is always available at our myspace's tour section

What about new songs composed, when can we expect the release of the 4th album ? do you intend to work again with Setalight rds ?
Now we are recording 16 new tracks for different goals.One 20-minute song will probably appear one the 12' vinyl split with one cool band.It will happen in July I hope.It will be released via Setalight again.Then we have a new 7 inch in mind too.And 13 tracks are going be included on our forthcoming record..I can't speak about the dates cos it's always hard to forsee all the difficulties around..There will be few instrumentals as always..and it will be a concept record)

About which subject this concept ? What about this strange title of the ep and the wonderful cover ?
The concept : Mix the story of Club 27 with attempts to find Buddha in your soul and you'll be close to understanding))It's very personal and it's hard to describe what the songs are will listen.The same with "Caesar Enters The Palace Of Doom".I want it to be some sort of mystery,just imagine all details by yourself and it will be the best solution.The cover art was made by Sophia Miroedova,our constant designer and artist and good friend o'mine.

If you're ok, could you tell me your opinion about the elections in Russia ? how is the society evoluting in general (economical crisis, financial scandals, mafia, etc...) ? Does like everywhere the gap between rich and poor becomes bigger fand bigger ?
As for elections..I am really tired of these gallons of shit in the internet from both sides.Now it's hard to see who's good and who's bad.But I think that it's time for a change.We should try another direction.But I really don't want to discuss it cos I am not specialist in this field.Either way my opinion is that 12 years is enough for one person to rule the country,he has to go.I don't feel all this crisis stuff cos I don't have any job..I am just playing music and trying to earn my living with it.

Could you tell us a bit about the russian bands you like the most ?Is there a good solidarity within the scene ?
There are lots of great bands in Russia in different genres!You should check Vespero (psychedelic/space rock),Huun Huur Tu (folk),ПТВП (punk),Психея (alternative rock) and many others!For stoner/doom scene just go to! Not so many people are attending our shows in native country... unfortunately.That's the reason we are touring that much abroad!
Thanx for the interview!!/TheGrandAstoria

Omnipresence Tour 2012
final shows
4.4 - Tallinn (EE) - Kodu Baar
5.4 - Lahti (FIN) - Pitka Pub
6.4 - Helsinki (FIN) - Lepakkomies Baari
10.4 - Turku (FIN) - V.R.Studio
12.4 - Gavle (SWE) - CC Puben
14.4 - Stockholm (SWE) - Hellbar
17.4 - Oslo (NOR) - Betong
18.4 - Gothenburg (SWE) - Club Doo
19.4 - Aalborg (DK) - Rock Cafeen
20.4 - Aarhus (DK) - Monorama
21.4 - Berlin (DE) - Astra
22.4 - Sokolov (CZ) - Metaxa
25.4 - Osnabruck (DE) - Big Buttinsky
27.4 - Vaals (NL) - Cafe't Vereinshoes
28.4 - Solingen (DE) - Waldmeister e.V
4.5 - Luckenwalde (DE) - Alhambra
5.5 - Potsdam (DE) - Spartacus
6.5 - Berlin (DE) - Antje Öklesund
7.5 - Zwolle (NL) - Popfront
9.5 - Zwolle (NL) - Eureka
10.5 - Leiden (NL) - Cab03
11.5 - Hengelo (NL) - Cerebrus
12.5 - Leeuwarden (NL) - Mukkes
13.5 - Leuven (BE) - Rock Cafe
15.5 - Paris (FR) - Les Combustibles
18.5 - Toulouse (FR) - tba
22.5 - Rome (IT) - Sinister Noise
27.5 - Budapest (HU) - Roham
9.6 - St.Petersburg (RU) - Gazgolder
10.6 - Moscow (RU) - Art Garbage


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