Wednesday, March 7, 2012

LIVE report BARABBAS / TBDLB / THE WOUNDED KINGS - Rennes 03/06/2012

This date was awaited by everyone there for some long months... Tuesday evening in Rennes, the venue is the legendary r'n'r bar "le Mondo Bizarro" where a few thousand underground bands from all over the planet played throughout the years... Don't know what to expect in terms of audience; people arrive generaly late but tonight even more than ever ;  about 50 entrances isn't that bad even if not enough for the accounts of Blood Rites Assoc, but the evening will reveal itself as highly memorable and that's the most essential for everyone !!! 

BARABBAS starts at about 9:00 and is gonna quickly blow a few minds away with this very crushing and powerful metallic DOOM leaded by their charismatic singer Rodolphe... He often comes among the fans and lives the 45 minutes allowed very intensely, giving 150% of his physical possibilities (yet largely above the average when you look at the beast !), of course other members are more reserved,  extremely concentrated for what was their 1st gig outside the Parisian area but very efficient and tight in the whole interpretation of the debut release. Ronan from HUATA comes as a special guest and delivers a memorable vocal duo with Rodolphe on "Ressuscité"... An excellent surprise was to listen a new song "le couteau et l'âbime", too bad we couldn't hear the vocals in the first part but this is their most doomier and heady composition so far and gives many nice promises for the upcoming album ! 

THE BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND then arrives for another excellent performance of about 45 minutes. Starting with the amazing "Blood for the Bloodking" which puts you immediately into their so original and complete Trad' Doom, again leaded by the very impressive Ben on vocals... I was particularly curious and excited to see them live after quite a few years of regular listening and their performance went largely further my expectations, they can be so Slow and Heavy, then so Groovy and unrestrained  ! Two new songs are included in the set, which is not so surprising considering the 2nd album came out in 2008, but that promises here again another major release of French Doom within the next months :) If you're from Switzerland or Denmark, watch out for them at upcoming gigs with Solstice (sw) and at the Metal Magic Fest, this band is oustanding LIVE and must be seen at least once in a life !

Time for a break backstage where I don't really pay attention to time passing while having very funny and interesting moments speaking with Bottle Ben ! Shit, THE WOUNDED KINGS are already playing for a little while when I come downstairs again, hopefully I will see them again at Roadburn next month... But I get immediately crushed by their music which takes a deeper dimension on stage. Vocals are bit too much in back but Sharie imposes herself as a very captivating frontwoman and hypnotize easily fans who still need some attention to enjoy as deserved the crushingness of Steve and his buddies (especially the virtuosity of his solos and the tightness of drumming)... This was definitely too short, indeed with time being too late and even if the owner of the bar allow to go over the planed hour, the set is a bit reduced ! No "encore" but a great success and many smiles last a long long time, which at the end of a Doom gig is even more revealing than anywhere else ;)

Time to have some more drinks and cool discussions now, too bad the bar has to quickly close and TWK leave shortly after; but still a few minutes to speak alternatively to Steve, Jim and Sharie who are very friendly people, humble, accessible and passionated... you fucking ruled !
The french Doomed hordes (BARABBAS, TBDLB, myself, Ronan from Huata and his girlfriend, plus of course the Blood Rites team) finally gathered all their remaining forces at Maryline's basement, we all get more and more alcoholized and/or Stoned, laughs and various cries become more and more intense... I still wonder how deaf and/or cool are all her neighboors for not having called the police at about 4:00 am !!! Thanx to you all for all those memorable moments (musically and humanly) and wish to share some more again with a part of you next month at Roadburn !!!

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  1. Merci à toi d'avoir été des nôtres et bravo pour ce compte-rendu qui restitue fidèlement la teneur tant musicale qu'amicale de cette excellente soirée ! J'espère que tu es bien remis, personnellement, nous sommes un peu liquides aujourd'hui... : )

    Très bonne journée à toi et à bientôt pour remettre ça !

    Saint Stéphane