Friday, March 23, 2012

another SludgeCore french Attack with LOVE SEX MACHINE

This name reminds me of a great Swedish/Dutch industrial band from the 90's which was named nicely PEACE LOVE AND PITBULLS, their first album was particularly great ... oh well, let's come back to 2012 and LOVE SEX MACHINE ! 
Behind this strange name, hum... at least considering their musical style, and title songs that sound more like porno-grind oriented ("anal on deceased virgin", "killed with a monster cock", "deafening peepshow"...), is hidden a new french slobbery beast that shouldn't let you insensible if you enjoy downtuned apocalyptic stuff !
Another SLUDGE-Core attack after THE PLEDGE OF CAIN, CROWN and VALVE  during the last few months, LOVE SEX MACHINE presents here its first album on Bandcamp, while waiting for a vynil 12'' release on Throatruiner Ṙecords, Bloated Veins (DIY Label) and Braincrushing Records within a few weeks...
Vomiting 8 songs during a rather short but perfectly timed affair of 32 minutes, extremely harsh and angered, L.S.M. is said to be ranged between bands like Admiral Angry, The Body or Black Sheep Wall.  
The pace turns generally around slow to hypnotic mid-tempos, constantly suffocating, hammering with some very tortured and filthy vocals, but some parts can be very fast and brutal though - like in the shreding "plenty of feelings" (it could sound like a romantic title but I really doubt it is !!!) or "killed with ...". This is intense, massive, almost afflicting like grabing you by the throat.
To my ears the sound of L.S.M. is a bit too rough (but that's maybe more a question of production), even if it's also a part of such a violent deluge, but I'm sure they could also gain in deepness if just a bit of light could come in the entrails of their darkened world, it would help to develop their identity in the future and pass more easily the 30 minutes mark... As for now, this is a great debut and deserves the immediate attention of all those who crave for fat and ugly Sludgecore.

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