Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Ravage and Conquer" by IMPIETY

There's not so many DM bands from the late 80's / early 90's which have held the line against all odds, IMPIETY is one of those rare bands, totally blameless in their choices and  evolution. Having regularly released stuff throughout the years, toured intensively Asia, Europe and last year  (for the 1st time) North America and Mexico...  IMPIETY didn't change too much basically but improved considerably their musicianship, reinforcing from effort to effort the thickness and technicality of  their uncompromised fast and ferocious DM... I read here and there people who classify them systematically in Black or War Metal, if you just look at the cover, their look and lyrics that could of course give this (reducing) impression, but that's something I don't really agree with, IMPIETY being musically far more rich and technical than your usual WM band !
Honestly I didn't follow all the carreer of the band, this "ravage and conquer" being their 8th album, but from all  I've heard ( this is the 4th album I own), we've got here easily the best effort from the trio. Extremely raw and shredding, the evil DM of IMPIETY takes also roots in blackened Thrash, think about Possessed or Sarcofago; but globally in fact it sounds to my ears like an oustanding mix of Morbid Angel's "altars of madness"  and Revenant's "prophecies of a dying world!!! If you dig both these masterpieces ,  believe me you'll lose your shit when you hear "ravage and conquer" which could become a timeless classic,
It's maybe strange to write this but those 8 ripping songs refreshed my soul to death metal with old recipes...  Based on fast and ripping up-tempos with agressive and nasty vocals, either Azagthothian or thrashy riffs, jackhammer drumming, lacerating as fuck technical solos. The production is perfectly heavy, but still clear enough to enhance each musician skillness.
A great part of the songs tend to be on the longer side for death metal with the longest ones at a bit more than 8 minutes including the enormous "weaponized" which could represent the best IMPIETY if we had to choose just one song as anthem. IMPIETY never runs out of steam or ideas, this album yet and their next European tour with ABSU should confirm it !



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