Friday, May 4, 2012

Heavy and brutal as fuck Stoner/Sludge with LAW OF THE TONGUE

Formed last year around two ex-members of POD PEOPLE, this quatuor from Camberra presents here a quite interesting debut, consisting in 7 songs for about 35 minutes of  STONER/ DOOM  with prominent SLUDGE vocals...
Musically this is very thick and crushing with basically Wizardian and Sleepian riffage but the band doesn't  have an occult approach, neither it is particularly heady and mesmerizing, they are more in the hammering way of things, sometimes almost crusty with those heavy as fuck vocals...
 The music is catchy, not highly original though, but I feel that, after two or three songs, the vocals could be a problem for a part. Ok they are pretty good for the most part, brutal and extremely filthy, in the godly vein of Weedeater, but there's growls that are in my opinion too grinding compared to the music and on the lenght they lack of variety, they could be a bit nuanced at times- when there's some nice smokey moments for example... I'm not saying this ruins the rest but there's an improvement to work on here, the general potencial is obvious but this would help the overall to be more homogeneous and cohesive. LAW OF THE TONGUE is still a band to follow closely in the near future and this is available as FREE download, so enjoy it and spread the word about that new Aussie BEAST !

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