Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Muddy Mermaids" by POTERGEIST from Greece

This 2nd album from POTERGEIST (out from Greece) starts with a friendly warning :  "Forgive me God  for I'm about to Rock 'n' Roll… Again…" !!! and that draws pretty well what to expect from this new 2nd album, freshly released by Distroball Productions.
Some Bluesy Stoner 'n roll with slight Metal touches, POTERGEIST has got a real potencial, it doesn't trickle of originality but is very very tightly played and enough varied, with lots of  swinging bluesy riffage, twisted breaks and airy solos, to quickly dive into their southern swampy moods. ...
It's not injurious at all towards the fact of being Greek but if they were Americans I'm sure that these guys will actually support CLUTCH, MOTÖRHEAD or DOWN on their next tour ! Well, their 1st album was released 4 years ago (which is long nowadays for an upcoming band) they're Greek and a bit isolated in this part of Europe but now this "Muddy Mermaids" should definitely help them to tour abroad and get a well deserved larger exposure.
Full of nice harmonies, warm whiskey/pot soaked vocals, POTERGEIST doesn't forget to  introduce harmonica, accoustic parts and a few psyche touches here and there, this makes all first 7 songs extremely captivating, until the last one comes...this title track is indeed strangely, at least to my ears, the weakest !  not bad at all but too different from the rest with predominant (guest) female vocals and a modern emo touch that is really not my taste. 
But don't misunderstand me, this album globally fucking rules and the fact that this is the last song reduces the importance of this little disagreement and most important, that doesn't prevent from listening the album 2 or 3 times in a row, just do like me then : when the 7th song is over I just click on the 1st and... let's go again for 40 minutes of great Heavy Southern ' roll !!!
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