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in the works from Nefarious Realm :"The Number of the Compilation", 666 songs/666 bands!!!

"Here at Nefarious Realm Productions, we’ve been brainstorming ideas to give life to the “productions,” since the last show we presented was this past November, we’ve been pretty silent in this aspect. With the documentary in the works to be filmed this summer/fall, we want to bring you all something sooner, considering the film won’t be ready until fall/winter. We’ve attempted and done compilations before and many others offer compilations as well, some get attention, some not so much. What would make a compilation really stand out and be worth checking out? How about 666 free songs spanning death metal, thrash, black metal, grind, doom, crust, sludge, and other extreme genres? Yup. So that’s what we are going to do.

Presenting… The Number of the Compilation. (Get it? A rip off of the Iron Maiden album…) Featuring 666 songs from 666 bands. Yes we know that the download file will be huge. While we may make it available as a torrent for the more technology inclined, we will be splicing it into a 15 part download that we will host. Either way, this is going to be a bit tricky to download. But hey, you’re getting 666 free songs, so deal with it.

While we talk to a few dozen labels to grab some songs, we welcome all bands (mind the genres mentioned above) to send us a track! 666 spots to fill is a lot and we want to open the doors to unsigned bands from near and far. This is great if you have a song recorded but left out from a release, a new song, a fairly old song, a random cover, whatever! There are requirements though and not just any song will be accepted. It’s one thing to listen to a song that’s not your taste and another that is just awful.

1. The song must be in mp3 format and be at the very least a decent recording. If it sounds like you recorded it inside your girlfriends Beetle going down the highway with the top down, en route to taking the cat to the vet (unless you’re a black metal band and this is what you were going for), it will not be accepted. Demo versions may be accepted, as long as the quality is good… or unless your band has quite the following that would enjoy a shitty quality recording of a song you’ve already released…

2. Submit. Email us the track to info@nefariousrealm.com. Include the song name, Facebook link, album/release title, label info (if pertainable – if signed, please include label contact to clear permissions, if you do not, we will not take responsibility and point the finger straight at you), and location of your band in the body of the email. If you want to include any other details please do so after the requested information. PLEASE put “The Number of the Compilation” in the subject line. If we end up missing it because you put something else, oh well.

3. By submitting a song, you give us permission to include said song on the compilation to be distributed for free. This is called a license. No we will not take ownership or use the song in any other way.

You will be notified if your band will be included - or you can check here to see if your band made the list. Don’t hound us by asking. Be sure to save info@nefariousrealm.com to your contacts in case our response goes to the spam box.

We are being very strict with the above guidelines, this project is huge and we do not want to go chasing bands for info, the better organized we are, the smoother things will go. Once we start building a track listing, we will post the progress for all to see. Once will surpass 600, we will set a release date. Let’s get this going!"


WHO’S ON IT yet  ?
Bands: 156 Countries: 20

16 (USA) – Relapse Records
A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm (France)
Abhorrent Castigation (Germany)
Against Empire - Profane Existence Records
Agrimonia - Profane Existence Records
Angrepp (Sweden) – Abyss Records
Antikythera (USA)
Antropofagus (Italy) – Comatose Music
Apothesary (USA) – Itchy Metal
Archspire (Canada) - Trendkill Recordings
Bane (Serbia) – Abyss Records
Benighted – (France) - Season of Mist Records
Bestial Mockery (Sweden) - Season of Mist Records
Black September – (USA) – Prosthetic Records
Black Sheep Wall (USA) - Season of Mist Records
Brutal Rebirth (France) - Trendkill Recordings
Casket Robbery (USA)
Christ Beheaded (USA) – Abyss Records
Clinging To The Trees of a Forest Fire (USA) - Prosthetic Records
Cognitive Dissonance - Profane Existence Records
Condemnatio Cristi (n/a)
Cyanic (USA)
Darkall Slaves (France) – Kaotoxin Records
Dead Awaken (Sweden) – Abyss Records
Dead Mountain Mouth (France)
Deceased (USA) – Patac Records
Defiled (Japan) - Season of Mist Records
Dehuman (Belgium) – Kaotoxin Records
Department of Correction (France)
Diabolical (Sweden) – Abyss Records
Dismemberment (USA)
Disrespect - Profane Existence Records
Dodecahedron (Netherlands) – Season of Mist Records
Dragged Into Sunlight (United Kingdom) – Prosthetic Records
Dresden - Profane Existence Records
Drive-By Bukkake (USA)
Dying Messiah (USA)
Elitist (USA) - Season of Mist Records
Endstille (Germany) - Season of Mist Records
Eternal Gray (Israel) - Season of Mist Records
Eternal Helcaraxe (Ireland) – Abyss Records
Executioner (USA) – Patac Records
Eye Of Solitude (United Kingdom) – Kaotoxin Records
Fast Death (USA) – Patac Records
Fester (Norway) – Abyss Records
Fetus Stench (Sweden) – Abyss Records
Fistula (USA) – Patac Records
F.U.C.T. (USA) – Abyss Records
Generation Kill (USA) - Season of Mist Records
Greed and Rapacity (Australia)
The Greenery (USA) – Prosthetic Records
Gronibard (France) – Kaotoxin Records
Hak-Ed Damm (Canada)
Hammer of Gore (Germany)
Head Takers (France)
Hinsides (Norway) – Abyss Records
Hordes of Nebulah (USA) – Abyss Records
Horseback – (USA) – Relapse Records
Hour Of Penance (USA) -Prosthetic Records
Hysteria (France) – Trendkill Recordings
In Case Of Carnage (Italy)
In Defense - Profane Existence Records
Infected Society (France) – Kaotoxin Records
Inferion (USA)
Infinitum (Australia)
Insain (France) – Kaotoxin Records
Insult (USA) – Patac Records
Inverloch (Australia) – Relapse Records
Isolation In Infamy (USA)
Ite Missa Est (France) – Trendkill Recordings
James Doesn’t Exist (USA)
Jenkem (USA)
Kontrasekt - Profane Existence Records
Korotory (USA)
Kruds (USA) – Patac Records
Ladder Devils (USA) – Brutal Panda Records
Lago (USA) – Torn Flesh Records
Last Chance to Reason (USA) – Prosthetic Records
Led To The Grave (USA)
Leng Tch’e (Belgium) - Season of Mist Records
Liberteer (USA) – Relapse Records
Lich King (USA)
Los Bungalitos (USA)
Macerated (USA)
Minushuman (France) – Season of Mist Records
Misanthropic Existence (United Kingdom)
Mouth Of The Serpent (USA) – Swimming with Sharks Records
Murder Construct (USA) – Relapse Records
Mutilation Rites (USA) - Prosthetic Records
Nachzehrer (USA)
Naegleria (USA)
Necris (USA)
Necronomichrist (USA)
Necrophagia (USA) - Season of Mist Records
Necrotic Priapism (USA)
Nervecell (United Arab Emirates) – Spellbind Records
Nesseria (France) – Trendkill Recordings
Nightbringer (USA) - Season of Mist Records
NightCreepers (France)
Noctis Imperium (Venezuela) - Abyss Records
Nothnegal (Maldives) - Season of Mist Records
No Tomorrow - Profane Existence Records
Oede (Norway) - Holy Terror Records
Of Legends (USA) - Season of Mist Records
Oiltanker - Profane Existence Records
Order of the Owl (USA)
Orwell (USA)
Otargos (France) - Season of Mist Records
PanzerBastard (USA) – Patac Records
Parasitic Ejaculation (USA)
Ponx Attax - Profane Existence Records
Psycho (USA) – Patac Records
Radiation Sickness (USA) - Abyss Records
Rampant Decay (USA) – Patac Records
Rawhide (USA) – Patac Records
Resist - Profane Existence Records
Revilers (USA) – Patac Records
Roargh (USA)
Royal Thunder (USA) – Relapse Records
Rozamov (USA)
Scalpel (USA)
Scourge (USA)
Severe Torture (Holland) - Season of Mist Records
She Was Dead When I Got There (USA)
The Sign of the Southern Cross (USA) - Season of Mist Records
Sincera (Norway) - Abyss Records
Skull Incision (USA)
Sonic Pulse (USA)
Southwicked (USA) - Abyss Records
State of Fear - Profane Existence Records
Strong Intention (USA) – Patac Records
Tanen (France) - Trendkill Recordings
Terrorizer (USA) - Season of Mist Records
Theatre Nocturne (USA)
Thousand Year War (USA) - Abyss Records
Thy Catafalque (Hungary) - Season of Mist Records
Torture Division (Sweden) - Abyss Records
Tsjuder (Norway) - Season of Mist Records
Unsu (France) – Kaotoxin Records
Vaginal Penetration Of An Amelus With A Musty Carrot (Austria) – Kaotoxin Records
Vale Of Pnath (USA) – Willowtip Records
Varix - Profane Existence Records
Vermapyre (Belgium) – Holy Terror Records
The Vile Impurity (USA) – Swimming with Sharks Records
Waking Chaos (USA)
WAN (Sweden) – Abyss Records
Warcollapse - Profane Existence Records
Wartorn - Profane Existence Records
War Plague - Profane Existence Records
Western Massacre (USA)
Wet The Steel (USA)
White Arms of Athena (USA) - Prosthetic Records
Whores (USA) – Brutal Panda Records
Writhing (USA)
Xatatax (USA)
Zombie Fighter (USA)


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