Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Eyes Down South" by BURWEED

Behind this strange cover, we've got here "Eyes Down South", the recent new ep from BURWEED out from Karhula (Finland).
The trio evolutes in different spheres from what we're most often used to listen from this country which is still one of the most productive for all  extreme Metal forms, particularly Death and Doom metal...
 Musically Burweed dives in  murky waters bringing atmosphere, darkness, violence and ocean-sized melodies to their brand of Post Metal/HC. 
BURWEED likes to play with moods and contrasts, between obscurity and luminosity, they find nicely their way. 
Both first songs are rather short for the style, maybe even too short, like they were older than what follows and (still ?) a bit too Metal, "less to come" especially... but don't get me wrong, (I know it's pretty surprising from my part to almost reproach that a song sounds too Metal!), this is great but things are not pushed enough far, while both other songs do it, being more achieved and original to my ears
In fact song 1 and 2 kinda put the basis of the highlight "Fever" and the excellent "Eyes Down South", then what is particularly nice is that you quickly forget if the song you're listening to  is basically straight and heavy or just full of melancholy and airy melodies. This is trippy and refined, and I like this! Perfectly adapted to the different moods evolution , the vocals also alternate from raw and aggressive to clean, melodic and sometimes introspective like.
This gives finally a pretty rich 20 minutes-long ep that let expect a killer debut album, keep on guys !

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