Sunday, May 13, 2012


It's Sunday :) ...  a sunny one :) :) ... after about 1 month and a half of generally fucking  rainy and depressing weather,  I feel COOL and a bit(e DTC!) lazy at the same time today, but in the meantime I've had a few cool bands requests this week which I feel the need to be shared quickly, cause I really enjoy them and it's never too early to spread the word about nice music !
So, as someone else already did with a kind of nice trademark entitled "Sunday Bandcamp recommendations", I've decided to create a Sunday special section (time will tell if this will be regular or not)   : this will consist in sharing with  you 3 bands which have been revealed to  me with great stuff over the previous week and let you influence me on what I should do shortly after with them : a more detailed review/article, an interview or... just nothing else than what follows !!!  This will be called : SUNDAY DOOMED MARKET ... so, please, if you've got any,  leave comments (here, on FB or by mail) on your positive vibes about any of the following bands; OK folks ??!!

FREE RANGE HUMANZ from both Toronto and Los Angeles is an amazing trio consisting in :
Ruben Romano (Fu Manchu/Nebula): Drumz
Kenny Cunningham (Edwin): Bass,
 Kurt Van Lifeson (Kuthe/Elektrik Mistress): Guitar & Vocalz
the songs you can listen at Reverbnation are mostly instrumental though but this is manifestedly top notch STONER rock
1st album should be released within the next months...
check this burning trio out on Facebook or at Reverbnation  
for a great dose of R'n'R !!! 

DOOMDOGS from Gothenburg (Sweden) ...
Motordoom with a Stoner-engine  or as wrote nicely Hellspawn "if you wanna know how Orange Goblin would have sounded in the seventies, go listen to  DOOMDOGS"... that's what you can expect from those experimented guys !!!
Their 2nd album "Unleash the Truth" released on Doomentia rds last Autumn is on streaming on their great website, the band is actually  working on a new effort due for release early 2013. 
Facebook page

NIGHTOSAUR comes from Minneapolis  and is about to release a burning sophomore album entitled "Spaceaxers", consisting in 7 songs... The band's wicked sound draws inspiration from the prog-blues metal of early Judas Priest and Black Sabbath, the taut ferocity of Dio and Iron Maiden, and the brutal force of today’s sludgiest stoners.
There's just this song actually streaming on Bandcamp but believe me the whole album is gonna seriously kick more than one fucking ass !

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