Wednesday, May 2, 2012

stunning new video of "Lotus Jam" by BEELZEFUZZ

I know that quite many people following T.O.P. have been completely blown away by BEELZEFUZZ, presented here last week by  bassist Pug Kirby; so I'm sure that you'll be interested by  this new video of "Lotus Jam", courtesy of CineMavericks Media and David Norbut Photography.

A nice work for this incredible song this band and watch out for their highly anticipated debut album later this year !!!


1 comment:

  1. This was the soundtrack to my last threesome. Afterwards, we drank some cognac, got it in with some sticky icky, and relaxed to the soothing sounds of Beelzefuz. Some men may not be able to perform while the Fuzz is playing because of the sheer power that they bestow onto your ear clitoris. A real man would use it as the sonic representation of his sexual prowess. Either way, The Fuzz will cause an orgasm, somewhere...somehow...They will cause it.