Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Here's a split LP released on This Charming Man rds from Germany which presents 2 bands : UNION OF SLEEP (Ger) and BLACK SLEEP OF KALI (usa)... no newcomers at all,  as the first band  has yet released two albums over the past two years and the second a debut in 2011 !
I've got clearly to say that I do like much more U.O.S. than B.S.O.K. who in my opinion are just one band, among too many others, playing some kind of modern Sludge/Stoner METAL à la Mastodon, Baronness, etc... with some nice Neurosis hints here and there; well this is not bad at all, tightly played and pretty catchy but not enough tasty for me.
UNION OF SLEEP are far more consistent, playing a massive Sludge with noticeable HC and Industrial overtones ! This is extremely massive and powerful with angry throaty vocals. The 4 songs, enhanced by a very thick production, are based on asphyxiating and powerful tempos, from slow and heady to mid-paced and gnarly. There's a great work on envelopping the overall with a bleak atmosphere, giving a doomed connotation which is very delightful  and I like very much those leads often viciously twisted and groovy...
I don't know if at the end this is a good point for them to have shared this album, again I honestly recommend this as a whole but I think a full album of just those german Sludge merchants would have been definitely far more memorable instead... this has had at least the merit to let me know UNION OF SLEEP, discover their previous works, enjoy those 4 nice songs and expect some more shortly !


Have a look on the line-up of their next gig, pretty awesome !

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