Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Soggy Bog 77 NEW Grand Magus, Coffinworm, Old Man Gloom, Bastard of the Skies...

Another killer episode of THE SOGGY BOG freshly puted on line : enjoy about 3 hours of Doomed stuff with lots of great tunes !!!

This show is dedicated to the United States Armed Forces. Happy Memorial Day! (and personally I would add the freshly tattoed fingers of Mikael Olofsson !!!!)  \m/

Black Sabbath-Never Say Die
Saturna-The Kingdom of Spirit
Witchcraft-Hey Doctor
Moonless-Horn of the Ram (misspoke during the show)
High on Fire-Warhorn
Cough-288 Years of Sin
The Hidden Hand-The Ressurection of the Whiskey Foote
Bastard of the Skies-Willalee Bookatee ***
Horseback-Ahriman ***
Beastmilk-Children of the Atombomb
Black Moth-Chicken Shit
Cathedral-Cojuration of Sorcerers
Old Man Gloom-Regain/Rejoin ***
Black Ships-When all else fails
Fister-Violenc II The An Luschen Rebellion
Nebula-Crown of Thorns
Royal Thunder-No Good
The Gates of Slumber-Ice Worm's Lair
Hour of 13-Naked Star
Church of Misery-War is our Destiny (Saint Vitus cover)
Red Fang-Whales and Leeches
Torche-Reverse Inverted
The Fucking Wrath-Altar of Lies
Huata (song intro recently made for Soggy Bog)
Huata-Lords of the Flame
Saint Vitus-The Bleeding Ground
Wizards of Firetop Mountain-Sonic War
Grand Magus-Starlight Slaughter ***
Grand Magus-Sword of the Ocean ***
Lord 13-The Warning
Pentagram-Run my Course
Wolf People-Tiny Circles
Electric Wizard-Dunwich
Earthen Grave-Burning a Sinner (Witchfinder General Cover)
Marulk-Hey Sister
Coffinworm-Strip Naked for your Killer ***
Hank Williams III-Gone but not Forgotten


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