Tuesday, May 8, 2012

From Birmingham, enjoy "Provenance" by SHEBREW

From Birmingham City (UK) comes SHEBREW, a trio composed by  Francis (guit/voc), Giles (bass) and Kieran(drums)... The band recently released a (debut) 5 songs EP entitled "Provenance".
If they're influenced by The Obsessed, Kyuss, Black Sabbath, Pentagram, like they say it humbly and realistically  themselves, they sound nothing like any of them !!! but if there was just one to remember out of these masters, I would then choose Kyuss for the general warmth and crushingness of the riffs and the fact that the band is STONER before all, not Doom even if the mood is based on  heavy and catchy mid-tempos... 
Where SHEBREW stands out of the masses is with that constant use of melody, as a perpetual balance to the heaviness displayed; another thing is the interpretation  of this melodic approach comes out through an original combination of  some 70's vintage Heavy ass-Rock with hints of Grunge stuff being certainly the result of  a pretty nice melancholic edge ...
Finally this gives a very very fresh result, enough heavy and powerful, constantly melodic, fairly soulful and refined; I would be really curious to hear how do they sound LIVE and in all cases am very confident for their future, such a personnality should necessarily bring many connoisseurs ears to this "Provenance"... starting by yours, go now listen this ! This is physically available on CD format through their Bigcartel page...


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