Tuesday, May 8, 2012

no pity for the bastards : BUD SPENCER "people are curious but from the outside"

Instrumental bands are generally rare and even more here in France; BUD SPENCER out from Nancy is instrumental and despite a  name that can obviously make smile, is in no case a dispensable joke band, no Grind, no fun Core or whatever this name could imply to anyone's imagination... we've got here an excellent SLUDGE band !!!
Yet, like the illustrious actor, BUD SPENCER is massive and extremely percussive but if I had to add other caracteristics I would then consider it as an hybrid between this big moustache and the scary, sharp creature of the cover !!! The brand of Sludge provided by this 3 piece  is not the kind of filthy and noisy , it's still very thick  but more the heady, mesmerizing, crushing and very very powerful side of it with alternatively a slight Metallic and (post) HC edge, while a few airy moments help to loosen the pressure here and there...
It's always hard to predict how a young band will evolute with time and I also can't tell if the need of a singer will be felt after one or two next releases but as for this "People are Curious but from the Outside", believe me there's not a single second where a lack (of vocals) is felt, this is so catchy and intense ! 
BUD SPENCER is a nice revelation , check them out and support (y)our scene \m/


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