Wednesday, May 9, 2012

OUT now on ACID PUNX rds : ICE DRAGON 1st unreleased album + ELDER demos + 70's Obscure rarities and more ... !!!

Here's a focus on a fantastic TAPE-label that deserves your particular attention : ACID PUNX Records...
This is just a presentation of the tapes (which -for a great part - I've personally ordered a couple of days ago), but I felt it was urgent to share the infos, as all those tapes are edited in very limited quantities, so hurry up if you wanna be the lucky owner from one of those delicious goodies !!!

You certainly have heard/read something about A.P. recently through the almighty ICE DRAGON which announced the release on Tape of "the Sorrowful Sun" through them, but that is NOT all... !!!
Indeed Acid Punx is pleased to offer you Ice Dragon's never before released, self-titled, debut album! Laid down in the winter of 2007, these tracks define what Ice Dragon would ultimately become, which is one of the most original traditional doom bands recording today. We don't expect this title to stay in stock long, so pick one up before it's absorbed by the sands of time!
Tracks: 1. Wasted Nights 2. Cubenis Envy 3. So Far Away It Has No End
4. Shiny Side Up, Dirty... 5. I Might Be Gone 6. Fire and Stone
7. Drawn into the Fog 8. When You Stop By

Acid Punx adheres to very strict standards when it comes to present day releases. Their catalog, for the most part, is steeped in the 1970s, so anything "modern" that they release must be worthy of the past. ELDER, as it happens, is worthy. These demos, recorded in 2007, show the band formulating a sound that would inevitably carry them into their last two albums. The live tracks, recorded in 2009 and 2010, provide an insight into the awesome power Elder possesses when blasting out in front of live audiences. Slightly psychedelic, very heavy, this release is a must for traditionalists, not to mention fans of Elder.

Tracks: 1. 1162    2. Red Sunrise 3. Black Midnight 4. Gemini (Live) 5. Riddle of Steel (Live)

V/A "Do What Thou Wilt: Occult Psychedelia 1970-74"

Originally released on vinyl in 2011 and limited to only 200 copies, this comp was virtually sold-out before it ever left the pressing plant. But, lucky for you, "Do What Thou Wilt" is back, this time on cassette! Chronicling four years of England's musical underbelly, this release dives deep to uncover some of the best lost acetates, demonic demos, and other hard rockin' oddities of the time. Don't be scared! Well, maybe just a little bit.

1. Camelot - Time Around Me
2. Pony - I'm a Mover
3. Shado - Evil City
4. Heatwave - 999
5. Grind - Rip Off
6. Sioux - Warlove
7. Sardonicus - Nymph
8. Yellow - The Hobo Song
9. Sardonicus - Evaporated...
10. Tonge - Looking at the...
11. Wooden Lion - Rise of...
12. Grind - Earth Song
13. Bare Soul - Flash
14. Unicorn - Another World
15. Lucifer - Fuck You

ÄTMAN-ACRON "108 Luciferian Neutronic Eyes"

Tracks: 1. Apprentice of the Black... 2. Emperors of the Immortal...
Bonus track: 3. A National Acrobat

This single saw a very limited vinyl release in 2011, so we thought it was high time to have a very limited cassette version done up...Atman agreed. Better still, this release includes a bonus track of the band playing around with Sabbath's "A National Acrobat" during a rehearsal! Needless to say, very few modern day bands make the cut here at Acid Punx, so you should have a pretty good idea of what you're getting into with this one. Pick it up before it's gone!

SANDOZ "Sandoz"

Tracks: 1. Apple Core Machine  2. I Ain't Strong  3. Demi-God

Dating back to 1971, these are the only known recordings of Sandoz and they are being issued here in their original "unpolished" state for the first time ever! Sandoz was the brainchild of John Goodsall (Atomic Rooster) and his vision was HEAVY. Straight fuzz, deep thumps, animal beats, these tracks are heavy duty and not one of them falls under 8 minutes in length. A must for fans of Edgar Broughton Band.

Check out the label's site for details on their other releases : rarities from other 70's obscure gems like DEATH "Politicians in My Eyes/Keep on Knockin'" (US -1976-), SUCK "Time to Suck" (South Afrika - 1970), GRAND THEFT "Grand Theft" (US - 1972)...

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