Monday, May 21, 2012

"Dark Desert Tales" RISE OF THE WILLING

RISE OF THE WILLING are a highly recommendable trio that released their debut "Dark Desert Tales" a few months ago; this 50 minutes long affaire quickly reveals several good points that really make them standing out from the masses.
Enhanced by the thick production of desert pioneer Scott Reader, their sound is immensely heavy and adrenalized as fuck with fuzzed-out guitar, powerful drums and rumbling bass...
If there's to think about desert here, it's not only as usual for its sexiest aspects but more for the most rough and painful... Lots of feelings here,  the music often reflecting perfectly some angry and critical lyrics dealing about  lies of the american government, the stupidity of war(s) and its induced mental allienation, plus other interesting subjects...
The style of the band generally stands between Sludge and Doomy Stoner envelopped with a METAL massiveness; this could sometimes remind a band like Crowbar, but the guys also cite The Melvins, Red Fang, Kyuss, Yob, St Vitus or Prong among their influences.
I think that the song "Disobey" represents awesomely this album, full of sheer heaviness and subtle emotions with a second part that is totally shaterring : there's a catchy tension here,  the tone is crushing, beautiful and menacing, dramatical to a point that has been rarely reached in the genre !!!
Sure there's no real innovations musically, but such mature and skilled musicianship combined with very striking atmospheres make all those 7 songs a worthy time and prove that RISE OF THE WILLING is a name to count on for the future.
Visit now their website which will allow you to listen a couple of other songs and get all necessary infos on this great band...

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