Wednesday, June 20, 2012

..."Trephine" by MAKE

Composed by Scott Endres (guitar, vocals), Spencer Lee (bass, vocals) and Matt Stevenson (drums), this trio from North Carolina presents here "Trephine",  their debut album which is already available digitally and on CD format, while the vynil version is set to be released on July 30th through Devouter Rds.
"Trephine" is a concept album about a hospital resident regressing into a fantasy state after a psychological breakdown and I think this is pretty well-adapted with the musical moods of MAKE : atmospheric, despaired and aesthetically apocalyptic.
The band could be ranged in the Post Metal genre at first sight with a very cold and dark approach but they maliciously add elements of Doom, Drone and Sludge to make it more stoned and thicker, reaching at times YOB's crushingness.
Vocals can be either screamed or sung with nice reverbs, they fit consistently with the mesmerizing and suffocating musical elements, even enhancing the impact of "Trephine" on your psychological sensibility. All this makes me think that just the Post Metal label would be far more too simplistic as the richness, deepness and aura of MAKE's music are neat and truely promising.
I don't hear any fillers here but a few songs value more particularly this epic and tormented journey like "Ancient Tongues", "Returning to the Ruins of my Birthplace" and "Valhalla". The result is a very mature, personnal and skillfull blend of slow, oppressive and intoxicating stuff which should fulfill the expectations of most people into post-doomy-psych Metal , so try it !!!

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