Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Reaper's Consecration" by ZOMBIEFICATION

After their debut album "Midnight Stench" released in 2010, this infernal mexican duo comes back with  "Reaper's Consecration", a 5 tracks mini-album due to be released on July 9th through the ripping Pulverised rds...
First thing that can be noticed is the very much improved sound quality, which considering that mixing and mastering duties were handled by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Desultory, Deströyer 666, etc) is pretty logical.
Musically, I don't feel there's many changes though, ZOMBIEFICATION still delivers that unholy, uncompromised DM deeply influenced by the old swedish 1st wave (Entombed, Dismember, Carnage) but also  Darkthrone "soulside journey" period; expect here some fast, raw and brutal stuff with chainsaw guitars, punchy bass and drums.
That's good and well-executed, but one could rightly think that this recipe has been so much used since the early 90's, so what could then justify an investment in another record that could not bring something a bit fresh and new within the genre ? 
In fact, beyond a pronounced taste for catchy melodies in the soloing,  what makes this band rather interesting  is that they, more here than previously, like to introduce some slower tempos, let's say mid-paced with atmospheres, where we can feel some Autopsy hints (vocally wise mainly) and even a slight aftertaste of old mexican precursors like Shub Niggurath. This gives a nice creepy edge... which should be even more developped in my opinion !!!
Indeed I think that with such a name, the overall could be more dripping, gorified and scary but don't misunderstand me we're not dealing here with young wimps that have a problem of gap between the image/concept and the music displayed....
Their style is slowly but cleverly maturing, still compact and raw but more melodic, grisly and stenching; the fact that it's a mini-album is good in my opinion, this is a measured and wellthought evolution that will certainly allow to push things definitely further next time !

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