Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Crawl Space" by THE MARCH

"Crawl Space" is the posthumous new ep of THE MARCH, out from Lille in the north of France... The main important thing is that it came out despite the band's split, but listening to it quickly leads you to deplore that these 5 guys didn't continue the adventure !
Well, this 5 songs ep consists in about 30 minutes of burning Post HC, pretty gnarly basically with harsh guitars riffage and screamed vocals, sometimes eying on Sludge's intensity with a nice chaotic edge ("Nate Williams", "the dyed wall"). What characterize the band's sound is the fact that each song is very well structured and lenghty (from 6 to 8 minutes, save the last one which is a normal 3 minutes long), this implies a great part of quieter moments filled with melodies and airy atmospheres which in fact place more precisely their style in the vein of Isis or Cult Of Luna. Let's just hope now that those guys still have intentions to display some more heavy sounds through future new projects, cause this decently can not be their last musical attempt !
This "Crawling Space" can be downloaded for free (just as their 1st ep) and bought on CD format directly via the band, listen and enjoy it now...

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