Monday, June 11, 2012

"through the dusty paths of our lives" by the new french reference ABRAHMA

A french band signed on a top-notch label like Small Stone records (Acid King, Gideon Smith, Backwoods Payback, Wo Fat and zillions more),  immediately this is something that somewhere is pretty surprising (at least for us little frogs)  but most essentially  wins (y)our trust... 
You know french people are often sarcastic and teasing towards their own scene and I already hear some reflections like "I can NOT believe that this has been released by a French band !!!" ... But YES they fucking are (French) :)
Born from the ashes of Alcohsonic (an ep + album released), out from Paris, ABRAHMA have simply released here THE masterpiece that all the french Stoner scene was waiting for, an album that has the potencial to make them following the fresh steps of Mars Red Sky in the States and even further ! 
Basically the music of ABRAHMA is STONER Rock; full of KILLER riffs, catchy melodies, groovy solos. This is intense, sharp and  full of warm heaviness. What is quickly striking is that ABRAHMA's music recovers almost all possible facets of the STONER ROCK genre : Bluesy, Psychedelic, Southern, Fuzzy... all this in a bluffing and homogeneous manner ! 
Lasting about 70 faultless minutes, this "Through the Dusty Paths of our Lives" is also  not at all devoided of refined atmospheres ("Loa's awakening", "headless horse", "oceans of sand"), could they be quieter accoustic moments or darker airy ones; well-served  by an exceptionnal production, they also reveal a surprising maturity. 
Can't forget to mention the guest appearances of Ed Mundell (Monster Magnet) on the titanic "Big Black Cloud" and Thomas Bellier from Black Heet Shujaa on "The Maze"(an epic journey of 10 minutes that is a kind of perfect synthesis of the album).
And  how could I end without underlining another major distinctive force of ABRAHMA : the vocal performance of Seb... ?! he sublimates awesomely the overall and in my opinion delivers here the best vocal performance ever released on our territory for ages ! I'm rather impatient to read his lyrics which seem everything except conventional, including most specificaly the trilogy "Vodun" ("pt1 : Samedi's Awakening" - "pt2 I, Zombie" and "pt3 Final Asagwe") and then have a tchat with that guy who seems very friendly and   creative (he's also one of the both guitarists)... While waiting for this cool moments, I entreat you to get this album that will be assuredly in many top 10 of the year, starting by mine ! No possible regret, if you're into STONER, this is ESSENTIAL.
The album is actually streaming in its entirety HERE

order HERE at Small Stone Rds

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