Friday, June 22, 2012

"Chapter II - Vulgo gratissumus auctor" by AT DEVIL DIRT

I may not have heard hundreds, but when speaking about South American stuff, I must admit that whichever style they could  play, I've always had a little preference for Chilean bands. This started back in the late 80's with Pentagram and continued sporadically over the years... At Devil Dirt is a new band added to my list of Chilean gems !!!
This duo composed of Néstor Ayala (vocals/guit) and Fransisco Alvarado (drums) released here a stunning sophomore album "Chapter II - Vulgo gratissimus auctor", which  is exactly what I needed this week, (after the deluge of decibels at Hellfest, last week-end) :  a great piece of hot and soulful Stoner, heavy and full of fuzzy guitars.
Particularly through very distinctive vocals, we can hear some Grunge (think about Alice in Chains) and Desert Rock influences which make the approach of A.D.D. quite easily accessible while the music is pretty loud and heavy.
I love that contrast between the deepness and melody of the vocals and the guitars which are  very heady and crushing; even if this is different and doesn't exactly recover the same kind of textures,  I feel this sounds a bit similar as the heaviest side of OM and even a few weedy SLEEPian overtones can be smelt here and there ! I honestly think these are just references, nothing too obvious and easy that you've heard ten times before, this is defenitley fresh, sincere and harmonious and makes it an agreeable surprise...

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