Thursday, June 28, 2012

Prepare to drown in a swamp with "Tarnation" from BASTARD OF THE SKIES

This SLUDGE quartet from Blackburn (UK) is everything except a new band as they already have a consistant catalogue of releases and live performances.
 Formed in 2006 and consisiting in Matt Richardson -guit/vox-, Rob Beesley -guit-, Claire Horrocks -bass- and Matt Aldred on drums, the band indeed released a self titled debut album in 2008 and it's follow up "Ichor! Ichor!" in 2010...
Their latest release, dated from last December, is a split album with Catatomic (Wisconsin, US); just as for all their previous stuff, 4 songs from this split (out of 5, a Neil Young cover must be added to make the count) are streaming on their Bandcamp page, revealing their uncompromised and filthy Sludge goodness.
What is rather distinctive in the sound of B.O.T.S. is that heavy and  intense metallic tone executed sharply with an extremely  downtuned, filthy and vicious approach; from effort to effort this is amazingly matured which makes me think that this fucking underground world definitely not makes enough justice to more and more bands, including of course this one on the top's list !
BASTARD OF THE SKIES recently toured the UK with Jucifer and in the past have played with bands such as Harvey Milk, Baroness, Kylesa, Today Is The Day, Conan, Alunah, Undersmile, Black Sun, Lazarus Blackstar and loads more.

What's next now ? Well, there's not a long wait until the third album, "Tarnation", will be released through Future Noise Recordings in the Summer and that's exciting cause this band rips believe me....
Matt recorded and mixed it himself at his own studio (Full Stack Recording Studio) and it was mastered  by James Plotkin. The artwork is actually in the process, but it's being done by Sean Schock who has worked with Yob and Buzzoven (and many more).

The track list of "Tarnation" (new 3rd album) is :

01 Drug Monarch
02 A Punch In The Fucking Lungs
03 (Roasted in the Depths of the) Sloar
04 Bastard Sabbath
05 Tarnation
06 Repugnance
07 Bookatee Willalee
08 Locklear
09 Snapmare
10 What are You Looking at Dicknose?

Matt kindly sent me an advance track ("repugnance") which is an overwhelming appetizer, one of their slowest song, almost doomy in the mood, darker but still very sick... can't wait to hear this new album which I'm convinced should be one of the highlight of the year !!! This needs TOTAL support \m/

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