Saturday, June 30, 2012

the delightful taste of killer rare Tapes : "demos + live" ELDER

It took a rather long while to arrive but I finally have received my special TAPES order from Acid Punx with Ice Dragon (both first album and "the sorrowful sun" ) and a few others I should write about shortly... I love tapes, that sound is very special here too and the product itself is so different. As I already wrote it in that post about Acid Punx rds, this pack also of course included ELDER "demos + live", a special limited edition of 100 handnumbered copies (it's written that this is a 1st pressing, so there could be more). 
Well, if you already have read my review about "dead roots stirring" (here) you may then remember how I was impressed by the amazing evolution of the trio between their (honest and promising) 1st album and this little jewel; now listening to this demo, I could even add that in 4 years (this demo was recorded in 2007) ELDER has evoluted in an impressive  and exceptionnal way... a rising trajectory that deserves an infinite respect.
In fact the gap crossed between both albums was more in musical terms, while the gap between the demo and 1st album is more relative to the vocals which are here (on the 3 songs of the demo) very primar, raw and in fact almost sludge for the most parts; honestly they are pretty average to my ears and   I would say that fortunatelyNick DiSalvo found quickly its way for something far more catchy and homogeneous with the music.
Even if some nice original ideas have already matured, the music (let's remind it : on this 1st effort from a young starting band) is  more than ever influenced by Sleep and we just can hear here and there a few premises of this intense taste for long psychedelic jaming. Two years later, 1st album had already shown more personnality which was more than confirmed on "Dead Roots Stirring" last year !!!
Considering this, maybe you could think that this tape isn't worth checking out.... you would be wrong, first because none of these songs is on the 1st album, so if you're a real fan, 3 unreleased songs  ("1162", "Red Sunrise" and "Black Midnight") from Elder is a sufficient argument in itself :) but there's also 2 live songs as kind of bonus  : "Gemini" (at Stoner Hands of Doom 2009, have a look on the video !!!) and "Riddle of Steel" (2010), both with a correct sound and  giving a good idea of ELDER's evolution over the years. Let me remember you that we speak here about one of the HEAVIEST bands of the Psychedelic Stoner Rock genre, he he he ! 
Knowing that they actually tour the States quite intensively and listening this makes me think and strongly hope they'll come in Europe next year, why not at Roadburn where they were programmed a few times between the end of soundchecks and the beginning of bands set on the main stage... ? that would be awesome ;) Now that I got this tape and their tour is about to end, I'm gonna work on that interview !
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