Wednesday, June 13, 2012

....KILLER Sludge from Atlanta : intie with ORDER OF THE OWL

Out from Atlanta , ORDER OF THE OWL is the new band of Brent Anderson, the ex bassist/vocalit of the almighty Zoroaster, occupying exactly the same functions here and accompanied by long experimented buddies from the local scene Corey Pallon on drums and Casey Yarbrough on guitars.
ORDER OF THE OWL is a kind of majestic wild beast, delivering primarily a powerful, and droning SLUDGE on their excellent ep "In the Noon of the After Day", an ultra massive debut that will crush your soul and  guts with long lasting secondary effects.
Just like this nocturnal animal, the band's music reveals a multiplicity of caracters : wild, beautiful, aesthetic, dark and majestuously soaring; but there's of course more with an heady, monolithic approach, full of deviant fuzziness. Brent vocals are outstanding, either utterly blackened or turning into some kind of  hypnotic "industrialized" incantations ; not to forget also  Casey's vicious backing vocals (have a look on the live video below...). The tempo is mid-paced, immensely heavy and suffocating which give some moods that could remind sometimes  (another US revelation of this year) In The Company Of Serpents and more slightly Dark Castle, while some historic influences like Celtic Frost, The Melvins or Sleep are mentioned...
Listening again and again songs like "Band Saw", "Cocaïne Super Demon " and "Mighty Demon  Love" over the past weeks led me to ask Casey (guit) a few questions :

-  When did you form ? Why this strange name ?
We formed in Feb of 2011 out of the ashes of Brent leaving Zoroaster. The name is along the lines of Illuminati (ed : I wasn't aware about that term and asked Casey if that was the right word that he wrote, he then gave me the following link in order to precise things :

- Is that your first recording ? On which format will be available"in the noon of ..." ?
It's our first ep that we are working on. We have a single "Cocaine Super Demon" coming out via 7" on The Great Big. "In the Noon of the After Day" our EP is being put out by Electric Mind Records here in Atlanta GA. It'll be digi download, 12" vinyl, and cd.

- Judging by the number of fans you already have on FB, I guess you have yet given quite many gigs in the States, do you some more planed shortly ?  
We have a lot of shows coming up and some dates with our buds Sourvein. We always like hitting the road with those guys!

- There's some CELTIC FROST legacy in your darkest riffage which sounds really amazing with the extreme heaviness of your sludge/stoner but I'm a bit surprised to see Asphyx named among your influences... it's not really palpable contrary to some others named, what do you think ? is there any pure black metal bands that inspire you ?
Celtic Frost is a huge influence of Brent and Corey. We all like varying degrees of metal, across all genres. That's just how this band works. Honestly though my influences were more in the punk rock realm. One of my favorites is Murder City Devils.

- The last song "wraith" is pretty different from the rest of the ep, it's a bit faster, without any blackened touch, more straight just as Brent ' singing which is for a part kind of punkish, do you see it as a special song in your actual repertory ?
"Wraith" was a song that just sort of happened. We rolled with it. A lot of our stuff is heading that direction. Like Cocaine Super Demon.

- Is the song "mighty demon love" a perfect closer for your gigs, with those awesome heady 3 last minutes ending in a chaotic maelstrom ?
Mighty D is almost always a closer. It changes almost every time we play it. A lot of our live sets vary with our moods in speed and length.

Brents stands in a very particular way when singing on stage, how did he experiment that ? I guess it helps him to get such awesome vocal deepness and variations... ?

He learned to play bass and sing while sitting down. In that position, he's most comfortable and also gets his best growl.

Very special thanx to Scott Harington from 313 Inc Artist Management for having introduced me to this awesome band !!!

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