Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Little Bones" - preview of ISHMAEL's crushing debut Album

After a promising demo in 2010, this english band disappeared more or less prematurely from the actuality but two years later they now come back under the lights with one of the most obscure, misanthropic  Doom/Sludge affair you could ever expect. 
This 5 piece (including Jim Willumsen from The Wounded Kings) is now ready to crush your soul and prooves that with Undersmile, Conan and a few others, the English scene is uncomparable to combine slow, blackened, despaired and hammering stuff !!!
Due to be released in August, their debut album "Hell is Empty and All The Devils are Here" contains 3 long songs drowning you into a despaired and violent journey enhanced by the scary vocals of Dani Hawkins who deliver here some of the most unique extreme vocals I've heard over the past years, a huge performance that must be even more impressive on stage ! 
Thye recently opened for UNDERSMILE at the "Narwhal" release party, I think this is one of the  most relentless line-up one can ever imagine on the Doom/Sludge planet !
Enjoy the preview freshly puted on line on their bandcamp "Little Bones" and expect more about them this summer here in T.O.P. ...

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