Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Vicious Circle" : enjoy the Fuzzy free download of HALMOS

After ORDER OF THE OWL earlier in the month, I'm happy to present you another new band from Atlanta : HALMOS... and next time it'll be maybe Demonaut or Blasted Goat, as there's many interesting ressources over there :) 
Released a few months ago "Vicious Cycle" is now available for FREE through their Bandcamp page, so you're warned that there's no excuse possible to miss these great Stoned minstrels !!!
It seems this has been recorded as a duo between Corey Briley (guit/voc) and Travis Anderson (drums/voc), while Casey Yarbrough (from Order of the Owl) joined shortly after on bass.
This ep contains 5 songs for about 30 minutes of heavy, raw and dirty STONER with pronounced and regular Sludgy hints. A solid and punchy mix of influences from bands such as SLEEP, THE MELVINS, FU MANCHU (slight but present to my ears through some backing vocals and a little punkish warmth at times) and ELECTRIC WIZARD when it turns really heady and weedy ;) Rather classic in its execution, the style of HALMOS is caracterized by a dense and smokey fuzziness that is kind of nicely bewitching... this fucking rips !!!
Yet already very thick and infusing, I'm convinced that the arrival of Casey should enrich the density of their sound, all this allows strongly to expect some great things for the near future; meanwhile enjoy this nice debut !

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  1. These guys are awesome. Big sound!