Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Micro .01" - "Micro .02" by Pr.0 Tone

Pr.0 Tone is a trio coming from Mexico which released by the end of 2011 two eps "Micro .01" and "Micro .02"... when listening to the 1st one I quickly thought "shit, why do these guys have sent me that stuff ? I'm really not into this !!!". This 1st part consists indeed  in 4 songs of electro industrial; the two first being short, like a succession of machine noises, things become more interesting with the 3rd song "destruccion /construccion" where guitars appear, bringing heaviness and a more developed structure,. In fact it opens the doors to the content of the 2nd ep, while the last song "palindromo sonico" is pretty different again with a nice ambient mood that could remind the sound of bands from the early days of Cold Meat Industry.
Even if it also starts with an electro/ambient introduction, "Micro .02" seems to come from another band which is a bit disconcerting, this is definitely more achieved with predominant guitars that are eyeing on refined and airy Stoner. There's still a few machine noises here and there, I'm not always convinced about the necessity of their use (just like vocal movie samples) but generally it's nothing that breaks the moods (except by the end of "Crackovia"). It ends nicely with  "Emma" which has an amazing psychedelic edge, again a bit different from the rest ...
I haven't said it yet : all is instrumental !!! I don't know if this is deliberated but in fact it's certainly better cause Pr. 0 Tone is still looking for its identity and before maybe thinking about adding vocals they should keep on working to synthesize their musical aspirations; I'll follow this band is in the future, hoping that next effort will be more homogeneous, cause it's a pitty but sorry guys 1st part is quickly abandoned, curious people can still give it a listen but as you've guessed I'm gonna embed just "Micro .02" (this is a FREE download) !


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