Tuesday, February 7, 2012

LIVE ! at StonerRockBlog Fuzztival : HEAD FOR THE SUN

Hailing from Budapest -Hungary- , and formed in October 2011, HEAD FOR THE SUN is a  young quartet which got the chance to record for (almost) free their performance at last StonerRockBlog Fuzztival late December... One could think it's a very short delay to get a decent release just after two months of existence, but we've got here a real solid effort; sure that's a debut but these 4 songs already show very interesting promises and prove they've had reason to catch this opportunity, being quickly able  to present their band in good conditions...
4 songs here for about 16 minutes, the style is pretty straight, sheer and nicely groovy. This clearly reminds KYUSS, vocally wise most essentially but also in the pacing with fuzzed-out guitars and thick rythmic lines, the psychedelic edge isn't as pronounced though...
The influence of Desert Rock legends could seem a bit too  obvious, but the relative short length doesn't make this disturbing at all and considering that the band was very freshly formed at this moment, I'm sure that with time these skilled guys will  developp more personal arguments and impose themselves as one of the most exciting new Stoner  bands from Europe.
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