Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Bows and Arrows Against the Lightning" by BITTER RESOLVE

Behind this rather punkish name (but no problem about that !) and strange album title, we've got here a surprising trio from North Carolina that displays some original Stoner/Doom with various references to SLEEP, THE MELVINS  EARTH and  BLACK SABBATH  but also SOUNDGARDEN, PINK FLOYD and certainly a few proto-psychedelic 70's acts .
This eclectic blend gives sometimes an amazing  kind of carelless feeling, something nice in a major mood reflecting solemnity...
This is just my opinion, but before continuing, I would like to precise that contrary to what I've read here and there about this album, I don't feel at all that the production is a complete mess... Its rawness fits pretty well with the sound and guideline of the trio (extreme heaviness in a free and thick retro-style) and if anyone has a problem with it but still likes the band's identity, I feel there's like a strange divergence on that point !
This said, let's insist on the fact that this album is particularly marked by some intense and rumbling heaviness with an emphasis on  harsh and gloomy vocals; each one handles tightly his weapon, starting by Lauren on drums who's hitting hard and surgically, while guitars are mainly fuzzy but also sometimes bluesy or spacey with ripping solos.
I've the feeling that this band is very comfortable towards what they want to achieve and how they intend to do it with sincerity and simple pleasure, that's something palpable which gives very solid and homogeneous songs like "an arch that spans regret", "a day without fairies", "large hadron collider" or "we must build an atomic blaster" !
I would be really curious to read some of  the lyrics, especially after having  had a look on their FB page and found some cool posts on astronomy and aurora borealis... They certainly imply a little pagan and mystical dimension slighlty developped in some moods, great ...
Well, why not thinking quickly about an interview if you agree guys ?!!!
As for now,enjoy this carefully without any  again forget about what you have eventually previously read  concerning the productionand enjoy

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