Monday, February 27, 2012

another striking Finnish assault with LURK

Brrrrr.... the Finnish scene is currently blooming amazingly, and after HEREM, GRAVE SIESTA and DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE, it reveals with LURK another seriously competitive new band.
This debut album contains 6 songs of crushing downtempos, not especially innovative but assembling again different styles in a  rather personnal way... Which styles ? Doom, Death and Sludgy Black Metal; maybe not as terrifiying as this kind of alien from the cover but enough ugly and filthy to rip your soul during 40 (too short) minutes !
From the bands which Total Rust music (from Israël) refers to when describing LURK, I would agree mainly about AUTOPSY with that pretty remarkable vocal performance  and some of the heaviest shredding tempos (though not as gore and horrifying, but that's logical considering LURK is more of a beast lurking in darkness than an eviscerated one bathed in blood !!!) and CELTIC FROST for a great part of those eerie and crushing riffs...
This is already more than rewarding to rely on those both cult acts, but LURK goes further with that Sludgy Black Metal emphasis, discordant and filthy, massive and rough... I think that LURK can appeal to a large part of people used to massively dark and crushing stuff but to avoid a possible linearity, they should  certainly improve in the developpment of extreme parts, could it be the more refined and airy ones (not clearly melodic but occasionally subtly melancholic à la M.D.B.) or on the contrary the most scariest and discordant (the great keyboards on "pitch beneath eternity" could show a way to follow). These guys have talent, so I feel it's normal to expect some more daring for next effort, but as for now this self-titled debut is definitely a nice introduction to the gloomy world of LURK...

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