Tuesday, February 28, 2012

from Spain, taste the unholy TORT

Oh shit, what a fantastic cover ! The bull is such a powerful beast, worthy, raced and valorous ; unfortunately or not (this isn't the place for such debate) the smell of death often reigns around him, so I think that's a pretty singular and well-thought cover , morevoer if it kind of reflects the content of the album, which is in my opinion the case, that's even better...
Just as LURK, another recent release from TOTAL RUST rds, TORT is mixing different styles too, but this time we've got here a raw blend of Sludge, Thrash and Doom with I would say an old-school approach, means no special refinement, rare melodies... Yes, Thrash, which is not that current these days but considering the crudeness and straigthness from this style of music, when it's not the fastest type , it has some common caracters with Sludge that fit pretty well all together, especially if like here there's a doomy and misery-like atmosphere surrounding the whole.
As you've guessed, we don't speak here about Bay Area Thrash, but more of an HELLHAMMER or eventually old VOIVOD, no ultra fast parts even if a song like "cannibals of Ma'arat' is pretty brutal, TORT is far more at ease in hypnotic distorted riffing, filthy and harsh mid-tempos with vicious Sludgey vocals reminding then more than slightly some memorable moments of EYE HATE GOD.
Don't expect here some technical efffects or twisted experimentations, TORT's purpose is not there at all, the band wants it unholy, authentic and crushing, occasionally slow and apocalyptic like a BOLT THROWER meets SLEEP and ST VITUS !!!
The guys are experimented and knew exactly where they wanted to go with this new project (guitarist Sergio was for example previously playing in Lords Of Bukkake), sure  I would reproach the too extensive lenght of a song like "gnosis the dead" (14 minutes) and a few  too obvious parts here and there, but I've heard a bunch of other first albums that were not as homogeneous and catchy , so the bull is well alive and has certainly not finished drawing blood...

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