Monday, February 13, 2012

an interview w/ Monsieur Dave SHERMAN about EARTHRIDE & WEED IS WEED

Through a rich musical career lasting now for more than  twenty years, Dave Sherman became a living legend of American DOOM... From the top notch defuncted bands of the 90's WRETCHED and SPIRIT CARAVAN, to the highly respected EARTHRIDE in the last ten years and for some more, along with the little new WEED IS WEED, the guy has always left an indelible mark of this talent and shown real and sincere human qualities.
 Indeed, not only one of the best live performer /frontman of all the actual scene, Dave is also a very dedicate, supportive and passionate guy... Whichever band it could be with, a new recording or a live performance featuring Dave Sherman is always a real event, that's also why I wanted to get news cause 2011 was rather quiet for us -Europeans- especially; not sure any live appearance around this part of the globe will be for this year, but some recordings should happen  for sure  and that's already some fucking good perspectives :

First time you recorded for « something wicked » was at Jean Paul Gaster’s from CLUTCH to demo 4 or 5 songs, playing on Clutch’s gear, do you think it has had a slight influence on the band’s sound for this album which is more groovy and rock’n roll than on previous efforts ?
No, I would'nt say that, I think Earthride has it's own thing going on. Before we went to Jean Paul we had 5 songs written, me and Clutch have been friends for about 20 years ...They have always helped bands out through the year from Spirit Caravan to Earthride .They have influenced me personally but not the whole band per-se. We do come from the same place Maryland so we do drink the same water !!!

Your first ep is going to be re-released by the new French label TOTEM CAT rds with bonus live trax, how did this happen, was it a wish from you guys and you gave that opportunity to Ewenn or was it his idea that you accepted ?
It was Ewenn's brain child, he contacted me through Facebook and he wanted to release the first ep with a new cover !! I said hell ya and then I thought maybe we should put some live tracks from SHOD and he said that will work...I think it will come out around April, I am still am working with Chris Kozlowski on getting live tracks. It will probably have songs from Taming of the Demons , Vampire Circus an Something Wicked, one from each.

Will next album be another self-release ? If yes, will you change some things in the way on working globally on it, maybe with the help of a promotion-agency which becomes more and more current ?
Not sure just yet ...First we need to write a new record right now !!! Then we will see what we can do...

How many songs are yet composed for the 4th album ? Which producer are you going to work with ? Do you intend to maybe introduce some new ideas that have never been applied in Earthride or will it be a logical follower to “something wicked” ?
We have not decided who will record this one yet, Kyle Van Steinburg is having a baby in Feb. 2012, so right now we are coming up with ideas at home and whatnot...Starting in March we are going to start working on a new Record . The riffs coming from Josh Hart and Kyle are awesome so far . I have a few riffs myself so get ready for some up-tempo songs on this one !!!

What about Europe ? you guys don’t come here that often, including in festivals that are flourishing almost everywhere, is that related to personnal obligations (like Rob working for NASA…) ? Any chance to have some dates in Europe this year or will we have to wait one year more ?
Rob's is not in the band anymore, Jost Hart is playing bass now. I wish we could do more Europe dates ... the last time with Gates of Slumber was cool but we need to do more shows over their for sure, if it's not this year it will be next year 2013 when the new record comes out !!!

Your drummer wrote the lyrics of “force fed fear” which have an unusual political subject, did he write any others for the new material ? What about your latest subjects of inspiration lyrically wise ? When you have a new subject in mind, do you clearly know at the beginning if those lyrics will be for Earthride or Weed is Weed ?
Eric Little wrote a lot of lyrics for Earthride ...he's a big comic book fan so he has a great deal of imganation. The lyrics for Weed is Weed I wrote all the words , all the songs are about weed but one Eat Pussy ha ha...

So and maybe before anything else, some great fun and humanly rewarding experience, but in which manner do the new projects/collaborations you have been involved in during the last 2 years, you know with Hank Williams III and Weed is Weed, have helped you to grow as a musician ?
Working with Sourvein, that was very cool, playing Roadburn was an honor. As far as being on Hank III's record: that was a dream come true, I love his dad and Hank Williams Senior, who to me is a god . I love working with other people, it brings more out of you and the people you're working with i'd say !

Late 2010 in an interview with The Obelisk you were planning a reunion of SPIRIT CARAVAN, this is maybe not the only reason, but with all his various projects Wino still doesn’t seem ready for that or what ? What about the expected release of “Jug Fulla Sun” on vynil ?
Wino is working his ass off right now with the new Saint Vitus coming out and The Obsessed on Roadburn and Hellfest ..we can only wait and see. Hopefully we will have a reunion and Jug fulla Sun will be out on vinyl...It's pretty much in his court and when he's ready I'll be happy to be right there beside him.

With you obviously on it, if you had to choose 2 guys on the podium of Maryland’s doom best ambassadors, who would it be ? Among the youngers, who do you think could be a future legend/symbol of your scene ?
Dale Flood of Unothodox and John Brenner of Revelation ...... Jason Barker of Trifecta i love his guitar playing and song writing .

In the imaginery of an ordinary doomster like me, Maryland seems to be like a kind of promised land with many great bands, gigs, a real brotherhood, etc… is it actually more true than ever ? What could erode the movement ? Imagine I’m a tourist just arriving in Maryland, how long would it take to see a guy wearing a local doom band T-shirt and riding a big motorbike ?!
All the bands around Maryland have been brothers since the Hellhound days , but some of the newer bands have not payed their dues, but they think if they play one or two shows in the area they're the SHIT, but it's not true, you have to work real hard and that's why Earthride has come up in the ranks ! Maryland is a pretty big state, if you come to Frederick, Maryland there a good chance you might see a Doom Metal person or two ! ha ha ha...

Let’s talk a bit about Weed Is Weed, I suppose there’s new songs since the demo, are you planning to record something like an album in 2012 ? With your various bands/projects, do you guys have time to rehearse regularly ?
Weed is Weed is Gary Isom , Rob Cougin , Johnny Wretched , Darren Waters, Jason Fisher and yours truly .We are planning on releasing our cd in March or April it's going to be called ONE HIT WONDER. I put two songs on youtube just to get a buzz going .The demo is going to be the official record, it's just taking a long time to get it out. But when it hits we are going to do everthing we can to promote it ....we pratice every week and we are going to start covering a Down song Bury me in Smoke ...which i think sould go over pretty good .

This is certainly good fun and exciting to start a new project with good old friends but how is it about being a new band in the scene and having to make your place among so many others that also promote their bands everyday ? you’re very present on FB with W.I.W., posting many videos everyday, I’m sure that before all this is stuff you like and that you have pleasure to share but do you consider it also as a way to get the name exposed ?
Rob Cougin (drums ) runs the FB page and he post all the cool stuff that the band likes ...It helps a lot with no record out yet .We are trying as hard as we can to get it out and when we do there won't be anything to hold us back on making a full assault on the world ,WEED IS WEED it will grow on you !!!

So how has been tasting local weed lately ? With years passing, being around 40 years old, do you feel more calm than ever towards it ? Does it act now like a kind of stabilizer or rather a booster ?
 I've been smoking since i was 13 years old , it's so much better then in the old days . I feel like if they legalize it in the USA it would change the world . I use weed to calm myself down for stress .Thank goodness for good grass !

After all those years, your passion seems intact, I mean you seem always very interested by new bands, reading blogs, etc… is it by need, curiosity or anything else ? Which have been some of your most interesting discoveries over the last months ? do you feel that DOOM still has its best years ahead ?
I think if you have music in your soul you never stop trying to make it .... It's the beat of your heart and the best way to express yourself . I enjoy hearing new doom bands that keep carrying the flag of doom, I like Witch Field from Italy andTrifecta from Maryland. With the new Saint Vitus record coming out and Pentagram touring I hope the world starts to realize doom metal has it's place . Whatever name you give it all the bands love Black Sabbath .

Well, thanx a lot Dave, it’s been an honour… all the best to you and your bands mates, wish to hear some new stuff soon !

Now here are all the questions that fans have sent and Dave kindly answered too :

(Jerry Saunders) When u gonna hook me up with some cd"s ?
When you come to a show !!!

(John Wilt) How was Justin Bieber live? 
Don't Know

(Matt Shively) what is yer fav breakfast?
Bacon and eggs ....sunny side up

(T.roy Medlin) first band? 
Pendulum , Heavy Soul

(Patric Barrett) Any shot of wow rockin okc? 
Not right now bro next year ?

(T.roy Medlin) when was your first joint?? 
13 years old ,,,,AWESOME

(Wes Cueto) What can you tell us about the "I Plead The Fifth" project you did with Bobby Liebling? What's it sound like and how did it come about? 
All i'm going to say about this, there's talk of us recording it again with Bobby Liebling , Hank III and I ........ So just have to wait on this one !!!

(Josh Graham) Do you smoke as much as you can... EVERY DAY? 
Fuck yes

(Kenneth Stone) word up! What happen to the Music? 
Music has been going down hill for years with so many crappy bands's hard to find good music now !!!

(James Taylor) Any plans to tour the west coast with weed is weed ot EARTHRIDE!? 
I Sure hope so we have not been out west in years ....2013 is my best bet .

(Mercyful Mike Smith) If Earthride had to throw a cover in their set RIGHT NOW, what would be your first idea? 
Banned in DC Bad Brains

(Irvan J. Conners III) when ya'll coming back to new orleans man?? 
I wish it was this year just to see Clearlight probably 2013

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