Wednesday, February 29, 2012

striking Drone from the Lowlands : BITCHO

 "Hailing from the southern Lowlands, this Dutch 6-piece is out to make the universe trip on their hypnotic, droning and monotonous grooves. Using three bassguitars to pile up low, distorted frequencies as rarely heard these days, analog soundscapes, subsonic drums and intoxicated vocals.
Self-released debut double album 'Toybox' (2009) sold out 200 copies in no time.In 2012 Bitcho lets itself drown deeper into the ooze to unleash a new chapter of inertness."
I know this could surely sound easy again but if a band describes its style concisely and almost perfectly without too many exagerated superlatives or pompous words, why not just make a copy/paste to let you get the point in the most faithful way possible ?!!!  Moreover we speak here about some very special type of music, not the kind to listen at breakfast time after a short sleep following a night full of any sort of abuses : some of the darkest and most repetitive DRONE you can ever imagine... 
Ronan From HUATA described them as something between SUMA and OCEAN CHIEF, well certainly but I  can not honestly attest, not having a great knowledge of the genre, neither enough time and envy to listen them to just make comparisons, but one thing I know is that  I like BITCHO, they made my recent days and that's enough !!!
Someone also wrote this about them : "Bitcho is definitely one of the most repetitive bands from the Northern hemisphere"...Well, I don't know if the guy thought there was a more repetitive act in the southern hemisphere or just made the distinction to avoid any possible mistake, but he must be right for some parts that will hipnotize and eventually deviate your soul !  

Believe me, no need to test any other method, medical or guruesque, this "toybox" could be definitely a real experience for your soul and whole body ! This double album lasts 80 minutes for just 4 songs., but nothing seems too long really, just forget the intro of the first song that is long and dispensable for the most part...
As the cover suggests it, we're drowned in a dark journey; not particularly painful, but without hope, devoided of any positive sense, mournful and if not totally, it's just  by the "grace" of some spacey effects which induce a little breath of life in an environment that remains constantly menacing and contained. 
This is indeed very monotonous and extremely heavy with those hammering basses and sluggish huge drums but the  nice ambient / experimental soundscapes enrich considerably the overall and can be even  conducive to some felt-like spiritual/introspective moments that make time passing in fact quickly without yawning or impatience (the 35 minutes long "Guttkill"). Most of the vocals on the album are kind of complaintive, they sound great but are too much in back in my opinion, even if the resonance fits well with the amazing heaviness.
This album was recorded more than 2 years ago and even if it's gonna be re-released soon, I'm sure the  sophomore album (that will come out this year) will show more maturity and an emphasis on thickness... And when Ronan from HUATA tells that BITCHO on stage is highly massive and impressive, I do trust him willingly, cause this "horde of Batavian giants" has really something striking and  believe me he knows what does LOUD (and great) stuff means !

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