Friday, February 24, 2012

a little chat with Scott Natas for your 1st steps into (the) SNAKE DANCE

I'm from a natural curious, especially when it comes to music, and the name of SNAKE DANCE has raised several interrogations in my mind these past few weeks... This took origin in the appearance of this amazing name in the line-up of the next DAYS OF THE DOOMED Festival, then Mike Smith never stoped praising them in our recent interview, finally the regular listening of their top-notch song ("born of the fire") of groovy stoner with 70's heavy rock burning touches on their FB page...  the kind of song you can easily listen 3 or 4 times in a row ! yes, just one is short and kind of frustrating, that's why, in order to calm my impatience for some more good stuff from them, I felt the urgent need to ask some more infos to Scott Natas about his killer band, which this cool dude willingly agreed for ! 

Hey Scott, so how did you choose this amazing name of SNAKE DANCE ?
The name came from the first line in the song " Born of the Fire " of course it's also a Monster Magnet song and they're one of our favorite bands!

Could you tell some things about your previous bands experiences ?
The first band I was in was DeathMetal Pioneers MASTER in the 80's, then I started my own DeathCore band NATAS in the mid 1980's we played hundreds of shows with bands from around the world! NATAS has a limited edtion double CD coming out in a few months on Area Death Productions Record Label from China.  

I remember the band was known as NOT-US or NOTUS here in Europe (not as NATAS) and released stuff on Wild Rags but it seems I didn't follow everything, why that 2 different names ?
The band switched from playing DeathMetal to more of a HardCore Punk style, that's when we changed the name! The upcoming release on ADP will include songs from both periods of the bands career. But it will be released as NATAS " Deathcore 1985-1993".

Did Mike Smith decide to include you on the DOTD fest after having seen you live or at rehearsal, or maybe did he already know you through a previous band ?
As for Days of the Doomed I sent mike an Email about playing he checked out our page, and offered us the openning slot on Friday! Not really sure if he's aware of my past bands history or not.
We are really Honored to be playing for Mike on Days Of the doomed II in June with such great bands like Earthen Grave, and Blackfinger.

What's the actual line-up of SNAKE DANCE ?
 Scott Natas Vocals, Guitars / Willie Meyer Lead and Acoustic Guitars / Tom Manning Drums.
 The song "born of the fire" is one of a 3 songs ep you released a little while ago, can't we listen both other songs elsewhere ? What about some new stuff, how do sound the new songs ?
The other 2 songs are not available on the internet at this time sorry! I know one song is a tease, we really expected to have some new material ready by now. But we've been having problems keeping a Bass player the last few months, and are once again looking for someone to join us on Bass! Things have been moving forward with writing the album between myself and willie our Lead Guitarist. We've had to push back recording the LP till at least spring when we've had time to break in a Bassist! For playing LIVE we don't have anything booked till May, and if we need to we'll be using a friend to fill in on Bass. If that goes well we may have our friend play Bass on the LP but we're hoping to find someone who actually wants to be in the band! You would think there would be a lot of players into the Stoner / Doom thing around Chicago, but it's Cover Band Hell!!! We plan on Recording and releasing an EP at this point to get something out as soon as possible. Our sound has evolved a lot from what it was when the old EP was recorded. We still have up tempo Stonerrock songs like the song you heard on our page. But also some very Heavy Doom songs with layers of electric, and acoustic guitars. We've been recording our rehearsals, and are very excited about how the songs sound! I promise you that you'll be one of the first people that we send our New Music to when it's ready to be heard.

You seem to be very much into "muscle cars", could you precise something about this passion and do you see any connection between this and your music ?
The Classic Muscle Cars are something we all love, along with music from the same era. They are a subject that comes up a lot in our songs, along with other things from the 1970's!

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