Sunday, February 26, 2012

"dawn in space" - PYRAMIDAL

Can't get enough of Psychedelic stuff and don't know yet this Spanish band from Alicante ? Then, you really should pay attention to this "dawn in space" composed of 7 excellent songs, making it a nice  journey of about an hour, cosmic and punchy at the same time ! 
Basically the musical style of  PYRAMIDAL is psychedelic/space rock with classic influences from HAWKWIND, CAN, CAPTAIN BEYOND, etc... but what is very interesting is their pretty unique blend with doomier references, mostly from BLACK SABBATH (amazing on the title track especially) and ST VITUS ("kosmik blizzard") but some hints from the most mystical and progressive elements of  NEUROSIS and MASTODON can be heard too ... 
This gives of course the usual space moods but with those different and more recent references, they have a slight massive edge and definitely an interesting heaviness that make them sound very original and extremely compact too. We don't have here some music that is too unrestrained, going confusedly in many directions...
Most of the album is instrumental, there's some rare vocals here and there by Oscar, one of the both guitarists, which is in fact  implying another impredictable caracter to PYRAMIDAL and let some more doors opened for a future that should be bright for them !

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  1. if you're into heavy psychedelic rock, you'll love Pyramidal!

    chech this interview of them on Blastingdays :