Friday, February 10, 2012

"the one" by CROWN - another highly competitive French release !!!

Without making proof of blind optimism, one must recognize that France is actually more and more productive on the various doomed musical fronts and most essentially quality follows, which is very encouraging and should finally open some new doors to some cool bands that just await the starting signal...
Formed in the summer of 2011 by two experimented guys, CROWN is a very special duo which releases here a surprising debut with "the one". Ep, mini album or full length, who gives a shit in fact ?  it contains 5 songs and lasts about 33 delightful minutes; after that it as you want, the esential is the quality of the content and on that point there's nothing to be debated. 
A duo ? yes two guys, two guitars (one of them sings too) and a machine... and even if GODFLESH is maybe an influence (more historical  than actual I guess), just like NEUROSIS, this doesn't particularly sound like  Industrial stuff ; no, this machine is more like a necessary accompaniement, in no way something that gives you quickly a pounding headache. 
CROWN is rather more into a massive Doomed post-HC with a few SLUDGE overtones tightly incorporated here and there  to accentuate some angered parts, the grimness and filth of an environment without future; from the first notes  of "cosmogasm" to the last of "orthodox" , we enter an awesomely disturbing world of abrasive aesthetics and cold disturbing darkness. 
The general atmosphere could sometimes remind another great french band called DIRGE (songs are not as long though) , this is straight and extremely heavy at times, refined, melodic and almost ambient, relaxing at others, while always keeping an abyssal and despaired mood.
I love that feeling of shipping slowly, irremediably towards the apocalypse;  for such a young band they succeed brillantly to create pretty memorable, disturbing but catchy, atmospheres. With such maturity we can expect a bright future for theses guys and already await impatiently  some more stuff...
"the one" is actually available on digital format but the CD version will be released within a month ( one thing cool you have to know is that if you buy the CD now, you'll get the digital download for free immediatedly, great idea !).
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