Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Everything Dies" by APOSTLES OF GRIEF

Last week, I was telling myself "shit, it's been a little while since I heard some great new traditional DOOM stuff !"; then a few days later, Morose Music, a new small label from the Portland area contacted  me and submited "everything dies" the 2nd demo from APOSTLES OF GRIEF with tasty trad' or classic DOOM at the programm, hum... great :)
Considering the composition of the band  (this is a one-man band !) and  its youth, I feel the songs are correctly accomplished ,showing Brendan has real skills to play some dark and gloomy pieces. The tempo goes generally  from pretty slow to more metallic mid-tempos, though it's more often mournful and intimate (could sometimes remind the delightful ambiance of TGOS "the wretch" ); on the removed pace , vocals are then more crushing, scary, nearly malignant which brings a nice little different touch. 
While the guitar is not especially groovy, there's still nice melodies and a few bluesy solos that are not fillers at all; I'm certainly not the best qualified to judge if the guy is as competent on drums but  nothing  sounds weak,  rather globally homogeneous.  
The three first songs last about 4:30 minutes ,while last one "a funeral obsession" is a bit more long, reaching 6 minutes; this one is really the highlight of "everything dies", not that the others are more than a bit below, but it has a very cool atmosphere enriched by great storm sounds, very absorbing.
Here's a band that deserves attention and had the merit to make me swallow my prejudices about one-man bands... Try it and please if you enjoy the songs, like them on FB coz seing just 10 people already did it is another mystery of life that one should explain me !

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