Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Senium", an hidden gem of Blackened DOOM by STOIC DISSENTION

Early january, in the interview of Grant from IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS, I took note about several bands from the Denver's scene that he kindly recommended, one of them was STOIC DISSENTION... When Zach, vocalist of this band, contacted me last week, I felt naturally more than immediately interested by his request... and shit what a fucking awesome discovery !!!
Grant described them as "a gnarly band that plays a hybrid of funeral doom & black" and I think that fits pretty well with STOIC DISSENTION's sound which is indeed more than slightly blackened... Imagine a kind of refined MOURNFUL CONGREGATION in mode Black Metal, something quite weird and original at the same time. 
While the general atmosphere is almost constantly haunting and blackened, the band isn't afraid at all to introduce some more subtle and refined moments, full of crawling heaviness  ("an ubiquitous coming") that make it rather diverse and never falling into some underlying monotony that we can find too often in funeral stuff. This being said, you must be warned that the black metal influences can not suit to everyone, including frequent evil-like vocals and rare but extremely intense demonic blast beats like in "the thought of them" (quickly tempered though).
Intense and extreme doomed stuff is what you can expect from these guys (oops sorry, there's a dudette on guitars named Kelly), of course , like I said, fans of  melodic  Doom won't find their count here, but  don't be too "afraid" by the Black Metal elements described,... The future is maybe not precisely there, but the present proves more and more that bands who mix different styles of extreme heavy metallized sounds are actually establishing new interesting rules which could be some new foundations for tomorrow and STOIC DISSENTION is a great and promising example to attest about that...
This was released last April, so I think we can reasonably expect a full-length (this is presented as an ep, although some full-lengths don't last sthat long !) for 2012 which should definitely reveal them to a wider audience... waiting for this, don't waste any time to tame this beautiful and haunting entity !
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