Thursday, February 23, 2012

"for those who came before us" by ATOMIC CRIES

Coming from Berlin, ATOMIC CRIES is a  duo consisting in Saúl Do Caixão and Andy Lippoldt (of Persistence In Mourning), they qualify their music as "primitive doom metal exclusively" which you can attest on their just released demo entitled "for those who came out before"... I'm not necessarily aware about all types of darkened sounds that actually exist, but , without taking major risks, I can say that these both guys play indeed music that sounds rather unlike anything else you've ever heard before !                      "Primitive" and "slow donner", yes certainly... Extremely dark, lamentful and incantatory too ! even if the band guarantee "no flares, God, Jesus, Satan, occult cobblers, aliens or dragons", which make it even more mystical and captivating... 
Sure you don't necessarily need to speak about Satan to display such menacing climates,  neither nothing let suppose that we're into some kind of concept dedicated to the power of nature's elements like the magnificent WARDRUNA...  so I really wonder what the lyrics are dealing about in the 4 songs ("like sheep to slaughter", "jealous hands", "point blank" and "the parasite") !!??
Guitar + bass + vocals, no drums, just despaired and menacing ambiances... Something best to listen with headphones, eventually with just a few candles around you enlightening this special journey of about 20 minutes.
First song could let suppose that the band is in fact pretty much into Drone but in fact not, the more we get into the heart of this demo, the more we find it rich and diverse with some medieval hints, some dissonant psychedelism too.. 
Sure this is a demo, with a (very) limited production and some ideas needs better finalized arrangments but that let nicely suppose that this is just a (great) beginning and it's cool to know that the duo has already recorded 2 new songs (in better conditions) which they hope to release soon as an EP; so labels, be warned that there's really something interesting awaiting you with ATOMIC CRIES...
The physical TAPE format should be out next week but the digital version can already be purchased for a minimum of $1 on Bandcamp, where the whole thing is currently streaming.... 
Well, are you still there reading this ?!!! So, check them out, you should not regret the experience !

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