Friday, February 24, 2012

great news from WHEELFALL : split album with A VERY OLD GHOST BEYOND THE FARM !!!

some news given by Wayne (voc/guit) just a few hours ago :

"First, we're still looking for labels to release our album "Interzone" : it advances slowly but surely. We've got some serious clues but one thing is certain : "Interzone" will be available in several formats including a very-limited killer alternative version !!

We do our best to find a deal to release the album as soon as possible, stay ...tuned !

Concerning our split album, it's just a matter of time... some details now :

This split album with A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm (sludge/doom metal band from Toulouse) was composed in November 2011 - that is 4 mounth after the recording of our album "Interzone" - and recorded in December 2011 at Far Beyond Studio with Gorgor again (for us).

We considered this split album as an opportunity to upset Wheelfall's routine, a very interesting exercise : we tried a lot of things, notably in the way to compose and IN the compositions themselves, in the the sounds, mix and the mastering of course which is currently handled by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room LLC - Music Mastering (Ministry, Unearthly Trane, Rwake, Bongripper, Yob etc.)... You'll be surprised !"

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