Monday, April 9, 2012

a new gem from Maryland : TRIFECTA

While the blog has developped consistently over the past months, my appetite for discovering killer new bands has been slightly eroded by lack of time... More and more bands are sending me albums to review and running this at 90% alone, it doesn't let me enough time to present regularly bands that have just released a demo or even just a few gigs but have yet shown a very promising potencial...
The name of TRIFECTA came to my ears by Dave Sherman in the interview he gave me two months ago. To my question "Among the youngers, who do you think could be a future legend/symbol of your scene ?, Dave answered : "Jason Barker of Trifecta I love his guitar playing and song writing".  
It took a while to my smoky mind to react but how could I have not trusted him ?!!! 
The trio from Boonsboro, consisting in Jason (guit/voc), Rich (bass) and Erik (drums), present themselves as follows : "Planted in the early winter of 2011. Watered with beer and blood. Trifecta has bloomed into quite the audioflower. Thick firm stems to handle the heaviness. beautiful soundscapes that are sometimes as delicate as a rose petal , sometimes sharp as a thorn, and everything between."
Pretty different from any other bands from the Maryland Doom scene, TRIFECTA certainly has common influences with many of them though, think about BLACK SABBATH and LED ZEPPELIN, but their sound is a lot more bluesy than doomy, pretty powerful and straight but more in the 70's psychedelic groovy range than in raw and dark vibes... I find there's something very pure and luminous here that deserves an immediate wider attention, so please listen this great song below +  go on their FB page and enjoy both the excellent "Teachers (of the Peace)" and "Daybreak", then you'll feel obliged to spread the word about TRIFECTA

Just to say about their most recent and next gigs planed, being part of such awesome line-ups really  speaks for itself : 


  1. I've seen these guys live a few times and lets just say amaazing! :D

  2. Gott'a check out Children Of The Grave. They do Sabbath better than Sabbath.

  3. Jason Barker is my son-law!!!!

    Betty Summers

  4. they are badasssssssssssssssss, see them if you ever have the chance! you WILL NOT regret it.