Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hey GARY, let's talk a bit about THE BOOK OF RIFF ELATIONS !!!

This 1st April came out the biggest underground Metal compilation ever with THE BOOK OF RIFF ELATIONS, released by Gary from GRIP OF DELUSION / STEAMING HEATHEN... An oustanding 3 volumes affair containing no more than 114 bands for over 11 hours of Doomed stuff,  an ultimate and total BLISS :)  It includes so many many good bands that unless having the trackslist in hands, it is impossible to name them all : WO FAT, PYRAMIDAL, BANDA de la MUERTE,  FIRE FAITHFUL, STUBB, ALUNAH, RITUALS, BITTER RESOLVE, 16, IRON VOID, THE DISEASE CONCEPT, WEEKEND BEAST, UNDERSMILE, ELLIOT'S KEEP, APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE, HYPNOS 69, FISTULA, etc... etc... not forgetting some godly french acts like EIBON, WHEELFALL and CULT OF OCCULT !!!!  But not only having at least one dozen of your actual fave bands included, you'll  get in here dozens of new upcoming acts revealed to you, this is indeed also an incredible source of revelations... immediate and FREE for your greatest pleasure ! A huge THANX to Gary for this incredible work and his quick answers to the few questions I asked him :

* Gary, to the people that may don't know your activites yet, could you present a bit your usual works with G.O.D.R./STEAMING HEATHEN ? 
Hello Folks, My name is Gary and I am the bastard responsible for Grip Of Delusion Radio.  We are a completely free 24/7 sludge, stoner and doom internet station with solid music all week and shows on the weekends.  One of those shows would be the Black Light Revolution, which is my favorite show, because it's mine hahahaha.  

* How did came the idea of releasing this compliation ?
I wanted to do something special to celebrate the first year in operation. I think the idea of putting out a digital compilation is a great way to get more attention for this station ,as well as, spotlight the under appreciated bands that actually pick up instruments and play the devil's music.  My buddy Chris over at Podunkradio.com who started his station about a month before me had the idea to put out a comp and I stole his idea. Hahaha. I had run the concept for this comp past the other shows and podcasters I work with, and they thought it was a great idea. Vert from Fuzzed Out came up with the name, which I tweaked a bit (The Book Of Riff Elations: a G.O.D.r. Compil-ex) and Ralph from The Corridor Of Doom agreed to create the art and away we went.  This setup is a bit different in that the first album called (Gospel of the Chosen) was a way for the shows and folks who help me to be recognized and give them a bit of extra promotion and highlight bands they thought well of.  The rest was a grand influx of awesome.

* About a week ago, it was planned to include 100 bands and finally there's even more, it means some bands got included after the deadline... when did you finally decide and say STOP for this time ?!! 
 My original idea was at most 30 bands.  I thought that most of it would be who my co-workers brought in and a few others that may have caught wind of what was going on.  The cool part was the folks outside the station who helped spread the word.  I put a message out there to blogs such as T.O.P. and some facebook groups and BLAMMO, I was hit with a flurry of emails from bands who wanted to be a part of it.  After 2 days I stopped advertising as I was still looking for bands...lol  If I remember right, there were 95 bands just before the deadline of March 25th. At that point, I was emailing some of the shows to remind them about submitting their tracks and Reg from Heavy Planet says: "I don't have my bands yet, but I have an idea".  So he posts a mini contest to have bands submit tracks to represent his podcast and then he sends me his choices plus the other lucky entrants.  All this back story to say, I got two more entrants on Wed the 28th. After that it was a lot of putting things together and trying not to fuck up everyone's hard work.

* With such an amount of bands, there must be a few that you don't like that much...wrong ? no need to name them of course !
I'm a reasonably jaded music listener hahaha and I didn't get one bad egg submitted to me.  Surprisingly, my idea was not to add every track submitted but I didn't hear anything I wouldn't like to have others hear. 

 * Which bands are you the most proud / surprised to have had the opportunity to include ? 
Unabashedly it's -(16)- !  One of my all time favorite bands...ever!  For those that don't know, the station is named after the track Grip Of Delusion on their album Zoloft Smile (currently out of print, ahem).  So I took a leap in the dark and emailed Bobby and asked if I could include the track as one of my picks and he gave me his blessing.  He has supported the station since the beginning.  This whole compilation has been a surprise with the sheer quality of the people on board.  I'm a teeny tiny internet radio station that only specializes in a few sub genres, waving my arms and shooting flares to get attention among thousands of internet stations, music services like spotify and throngs of people that sit on youtube all day.  When I did the final tally of songs and saw 114, I nearly pissed myself.  The amount of feedback I have been getting since it's release has restored my faith that people still have excellent musical tastes. 

* I suppose that such an overwhelming response from bands give you strength for more volumes and why not into releasing more stuff ? 
I can see this becoming a yearly idea.  This was a good learning experience for me and not too shabby of an ego boost....hahahahaha.  I was asked if I thought about starting a record label after this and my answer is still no.  I would much rather stay where I am supporting the labels and bands by providing a great place to get their music heard.

 * Do you logically expect some good effects on the G.O.D.radio ?
 I hope to bring more awareness to the station, the shows, the blogs we work with and the music that binds us all together.  I'm very proud of what Grip Of Delusion Radio has accomplished in a year and I hope to keep moving onward and upward. 

* I imagine the tons of business you had to deal with during the last weeks, now Your next evenings/nights are gonna be a bit more quiet, did you plan something special to relax ?!!! 
I'm actually looking forward to resuming the daily parts of the station.  I'm currently staring at a huge stack of MP3s that need to hit the "airwaves".   There is no rest for those in the grip of delusion!

The info:
Tune-In Radio: http://tunein.com/radio/Grip-Of-Delusion-Radio-s137870/
Website: http://www.gripofdelusion.com
Twitter: @GODelusionRadio
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/steamingheathen
Facebook Group Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Grip-of-Delusion-Radio
Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/GripOfDelusionRadio
About.Me: http://about.me/steamingheathen
Skype: steaming.heathen


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