Thursday, April 19, 2012

"War is Imminent" by XPULSION

I paid attention to this Thrash band earlier this year with their song "Welcome to Yourself" on "True Metal Never Rusts" vol 1 released  by Steel and Fire rds and now they 've sent me an advance of their forthcoming ep "War is Imminent" due to be released within the next two months.
Formed in 2009, this american quatuor located in the Inland Empire area is (like quite many of  the bands from this amazing compilation) into old-school THRASH from the mid 80's... ok, but "which school ? German or American ?" could you add ?!!!
From the American one I would say, with references to EXODUS, OVERKILL and VIO-LENCE; the guys add the term "progressive" to their description, well I'm not too sure about that, as some could misunderstand this interpretation ... but if that means there's many tempo changes and that the band is not constantly blasting in brutality, then that's OK !!!
It's a fact that the band members are certainly opened to more refined and/or different styles of music which allow them to evolute in a kind of oasis of riffs, rather than in an apocalyptic bloody environment; but there's no particular compromise in the music of XPULSION though, this is raw and shredding, just in no case a perpetual punishing aggression...  
Always extremely structured, the 4 songs last from five to almost eight minutes (the excellent title track). The sound is very clear, sharp and ripping, it enhances particularly those chunky guitars, lightning drums and amazing solos, no wankery here like too often in Thrashing solos who finally sound almost everytime the same, of course they're insane but there's a real melodic sense, velocity and gracefullness.
It's not that I was angry with Thrash for some (long) years, neither that I'm totally reconciliated with it but if you bring regularly new bands like XPULSION to my ears I could definitely be !!!!/XpulsionThrash

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